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Plastic show coop dividers

edited April 2015 in Product Reviews
What do you guys think of using these.? I know some top exhibitors use them and some do not... What does everyone think of using them?

If you do use them where in the world do you get them?


  • Good to have some with you when you go to shows in case they are needed but only if necessary. Must be clear so judges can see through and do comparisons.
  • I always use them! It only takes one time for a bird to peck a chip out of a tail feather a that birds through for the season. I buy it from Mr Plastic in Ar. It comes in 4x8 sheets and only coast about $15 a sheet. I'll post there number for you.
  • I use them regularly I have to use hem on males and females from time to time . I have had birds get damaged and bleed , had to clean off of feathers and head ,. I say if you show much you need a few in your show box, but use the clear plastic always.
  • Shane the ones you use from MR. Plastic is clear and the really flexible sheets!? Please get me the number for them. Do you remember what shipping cost and how thick each piece was!?
  • Shane also what material did you get yours out of?
  • Shane I called them and figured out what I needed. Thanks for the help
  • Sorry I got busy. The ones I use is clear and it's like 00020 thickness, something like that. Thin and flexible. I cut them 16"x16". When you get the sheet in its rolled up in a box, open and lay it out flat or if left for very long it wants to roll back up.
  • I have heard that they will cut it for you, they ship it in 4' box that is only about 6" x6" and it's easily cut with siccors. But I repeat from experience when you get it in unroll it out flat until you cut. I just got another sheet in about a month ago and it was about $19 shipped.
  • What is their contact number?
  • This there number
    640 x 1136 - 117K
  • Thanks Shane!
  • I also want to thank you Shane .
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