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Black Old English

edited June 2012 in Somethin' to Crow About
Does anyone have Blacks they would be proud to show a picture of?


  • A few of mine.
    600 x 480 - 132K
    600 x 375 - 120K
    600 x 480 - 127K
  • Yeh I will try to take some tomorow.
    2012-05-06 16.53.17.jpg
    320 x 240 - 46K
    2012-05-06 16.52.15.jpg
    320 x 240 - 49K
    640 x 480 - 92K
  • I think I recognize the male in the right photo.
  • Yeh thanks jburk he is a great Burkhart black we have a few raising out of him.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Those are some nice birds Bill and Randy. Here is one of my favorite blacks.
    1000 x 666 - 217K
  • Nice bird
  • I think I recognize the male in the right photo.
    Jeff, I ended up with the bird you sent to Danny. Had a couple of nice Proctor females to put with him.
  • Those are some nice birds Bill and Randy. Here is one of my favorite blacks.
    I think I saw this guy in person and even though it is a nice picture it is not a good representation of the bird. You have very nice Blacks and I knew you would be proud to share a photo or 2.

  • Bill these Black are really a inspiration to us all!

  • Yeh, it is awful hard to find anything any prettier than a well nourished Black with excellent type shining in the sun. That green sheen will knock your eyes out. I have Sheriff, Reid, Proctor and just acquired a pair of Barne's Blacks. It is not that I need all these different lines it is just so hard to let them go and hard to turn down when they are offered for sale to you. I really enjoy the Old English breed.
  • You sound kind of just like me, sooo hard to resist a nice bird! I want to post some pics of my blacks but I do remind you that our birds in SA are not nearly in the same CLASS as your birds! Do you feed these blacks nothing else but the plain layer pellets?
  • Yes that is correct on the layer pellets. Please go ahead and post your pictures as we here in USA love to look at the different things.
    I am glad to get to know you. Were you born thereor are you just over from here for a time?
  • Here are a few of mine
    perfect new king #1.jpg
    1424 x 1104 - 602K
    new black hen color.jpg
    1122 x 822 - 229K
    1632 x 1232 - 447K
    best 2011 hen for ad.jpg
    682 x 677 - 486K
    skelton hen.JPG
    445 x 336 - 42K
  • Hai Bill, I was born in South Africa and have lived there ever since! I am very fassinated in the Quality of showbirds that you guys have and I just love to share my passion for OE with guys of your caliber! I will post some pics tomorrow and please comment on my birds?....
  • Some of mine.
    3872 x 2592 - 2M
    3872 x 2592 - 3M
    3872 x 2592 - 2M
  • Hai Bill, I have posted a few pics of pullets but will soon post more of my hens and cocks!
  • Here are a few of mine
    Karla they look nice and the bird iin the middle on top is your Grizzle line bird.
  • edited June 2012
    Some of mine.
    They look like good quality if I am looking at them the way I should as your birds look totally different than ours mainly in the tails. It would be good if you could size your photos down as they don't load if they are too large. We are very glad to have you on the site.
    Thanks Bill
  • The head color in the birds is great. Does your country not frown on the purple sheen in them. Over here that is an issue as they want the green sheen in them with now purple.
  • Karla if you will bring those pullets to my house I think I can correct them and send them back to you in a year of 2. lol
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