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Morning coffee topics

Lets start a morning topic. Todays topic could start with being a great care taker. There are much more to care taking than just feed and water. What can be contributed to open some peoples eyes to what this means. I would bet Otis Fields is a great care taker and this helps in the end prosess of bringing a bird into condition. What do you all think about this mornings coffee?


  • I like it and while answering you I might add that it is very commendable that you and Allen went over to Sherry's house and helped her in a time of need.
    I am not a very good learner of some things as I have once again hatched more than I should have to accomodate with the amount of space they need. One of the primary things for good growth and developing is to not overcrowd so that means I have to get after the culling and quick.
    I know from the amount of times that I have heard the name that he no doubt does it all correctly.

  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • I get up at 3:00 Tracy so if you want me to read with my coffee you will need to post in the evenings. LOL
  • I think clean cages are also a factor.
  • Very much a factor!
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Thanks Tracy! I know I could count on you.
  • edited May 2012
    Randy the BB cross hen is setting on 7 eggs and the 1st Joiner hen is setting on 9.
    I have already hatched some chicks from them but now they are setting on eggs.
    They have layed well. I was able to buy another pair and trio so I am fixed with the Joiner line BB's. That gives me enough to establish them in my flock richly.
    I still do appreciate your help with this project.
  • Here I am drinking my morning coffee and not much to read. Already read the 2 new posts and now I'm waiting again. We may need to ask again what is happening!
    Danny Schoggins was told by the city that he had to get rid of the birds he had or at least move them elsewhere so he is selling all his flock and getting out. I thought some of you may be interested in knowing that as Danny has bought a lot of nice birds from several of you.
  • What all does he have? Tracy and his son Trent is in Colorodo showing OE today. I am building round pens to hold cockerels. Me, Wanda and Curtis crwd would like to come up next weekend.
  • I'm not sure what he has left now. there has been several over buying on them, including me.
    Y'all come on! As far as I know we will be around.If something were to change that I will holler.
  • Coffee was good but I can't say much for the reading! Not much by quantity but quality was good. Tracy's win was great for him and his partner!
    Make's it all worthwhile.
  • It has been a bit slow lately, been busy with the birds and nice weather working ouutside when I have time.
    Went through the birds real hard yesterday and reduced my number of young birds by about 50. Then went to a friends who I had loaned a cockrell to and was more impressed with the one I loaned out than the two I have been breeding from. I guess he will have a good year too.
  • You know I think it is so neat to let someone have better than you keep. You still have the blood to do it again and he has an excellent breeder bird to improve with. Admirable!
  • I get him back this fall, and will need to force molt him for show season in august but will be very well worth it. He was a special bird from the start one of those that just really stands out and now that I have seen him truly finished out and I can see his full potential I am even more impressed. Wish I could transfer a pic from my phone but may have to go visit again just for a shot with the camera.
  • This day has started out with taking care of brooders, hens with chicks etc. I also put out wormer. Alleb has been mixing 2 bags of Big V start grow lay with 1 bag of game bird 28% and has great results growing them off with nice feather and luster. Wanda and Curtis will be over later to visit. They are having a good year too. A bunch of us are joining the Red River Bantam club and will be having a open show in Durant and planning a yard show for oe.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Good morning America. Me Wanda and Curtis got back in from our oe trip in Oklahoma. It all started with crwd coming over to visit and,meeting for lunch with Scott Hansen. After lunch we went and saw Scott's nice lemon blues and really nice set up on the Okla side of Lake Texhoma. We proceded up to visit wirh Bill and his wnderful wife in McAlester. He has so many nice breeders and young birds it is un real. His set up is very nice too. He loaded us up with birds to take back, thanks soo much Bill! Then we went by Danny Scoggins place and Wanda and Curtis got even more birds (a trio of whites and a trio of bbreds) to take back to Texhoma. Danny is having to sell out. He had some really nice birds still left to let go of. Then I finally got a hold of my friend Dwayne Allen and we went and saw his set up and very nice birds. He just moved onto his new place and it is 40 acres next to a wild life refuge. I will post a couple of photos here then I will post a new thread with the rest. Thanks to everyone we visited for making me Wanda and Curtis have great day in OE COUNTRY. THANKS!
    2012-06-03 19.35.22.jpg
    320 x 240 - 55K
    2012-06-03 14.07.01.jpg
    320 x 240 - 60K
    2012-06-03 19.22.42.jpg
    320 x 240 - 55K
    2012-06-03 14.06.07.jpg
    320 x 240 - 64K
    2012-06-03 14.07.25.jpg
    320 x 240 - 48K
  • Here is another photo
    2012-06-03 19.22.30.jpg
    320 x 240 - 55K
  • I'm glad y'all enjoyed the visit here as we also enjoyed y'all stopping in. I'm glad y'all got you some birds to work on. Feel free to come any time and enjoy some more of the Okie hospitality. LOL Sounds like y'all were a little late getting back on the other side of the river. I hope y'all had a good time.
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