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BB Reds, Anyone have pics?

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I would like to see what is floating around in my area on BB's. (McAlester, Ok.) I am actually interested in purchasing some Joiner lines birds if anyone knows of someone willing to part with a few.


  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Bill I thought I would post this picture. Unfortunatly I dont know Mike Green but I stumbled across this picture and have always felt like this is the target that I am shooting for in my bbreds.
    BBRed Mike Green.jpg
    600 x 600 - 107K
  • I wouldn't want more than a barn full of those or at least a half barn full to go with females of like
  • Heres my female line female..
    944 x 1039 - 300K
  • Yep! That's what I am talkin about, those kind!
  • I couldnt find a female line male around here so shes with this blue.
    1088 x 896 - 271K
  • Tim, hang onto her. Aaron and I are working on a female line with some birds he picked up thisyear from Tanner. They are really nice and producing some nice younguns. Should be able to get you a decent male to put on her in the fall. She is nice and worth feeding a lil while longer. Wayne

    Any of you interested in me posting a few of my BB Reds photos. They OK birds and you know where they came
  • Hi there kdog! Please put some photos up of your BB Reds. The ones you posted on the old web site were very nice.
  • Well I can prob can hook u up this fall or next spring with some joiner bbs,.. I had some pics of mine on the old website and I still got some on my camera that ill upload tomorrow or something
  • Tim I really think you should cull that female, I accept junk birds at my house, just send er to me. lol
  • Did we lose all that great thread on BB Red color that was on the old site? You did a lot of the photos kdog. Could it be put on here? That was the best thread I read the entire time I was on the old site.
  • Would have to start from scratch which is no big deal for me. Give it a lil time and see if this site sticks around before I invest too much time in putting that back together. So tell me to post photos, do they have to be a certain size like the old site?
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    Sure ill cull her.. Not lol. joiner line were male lines. Talked to Frank about that because I got her from him because she didn't fit into his program. He only has male line. I have a lead on some sheriff line females just not sure if I want to get into the bbs though and she was just to nice to pass up. . She shows nice before the show but every show I've taken her she won't show. Ive used all the tricks and still wouldn't show... Ok bb experts tell me this. Talked to ronny ledford at the show about her and he said he'd breed her to birchen or was it sdw male. Why?
  • edited March 2012
    Do not see any merit on breeding to a birchen. Birchen is in the crowwing family and BB is in the duckwing family. Breeding to a SDW will yield some Golden Duckwing males.
  • Here is a Jeff Burkhart female line pullet. Its great to see you guys on here. Thanks kdog for the notice.
    2753 x 2157 - 1M
    320 x 240 - 59K
  • This is a Charles Conner male line cock bird.
    320 x 240 - 30K
  • Yes, I have a friend that can get birds shipped for me.... and my birds won't care, some of them went to shawnee lol
  • Nice bbred pullet Tim. I always enjoyed looking at your bird pictures.
  • She just has a bit of stage fright. lol. I have a female line male (I think) that I really don't need. I'll post a pic for you.
  • that's from when he was 1. he's about 3 now.
    720 x 540 - 115K
  • Lydia nice male.. Couldn't tell u male our female line for them..

    Golden duckwing...ahhh got u.. Nope dont need them either.. Have to many varieties already..
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