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Project Buff

edited December 2012 in Made from Scratch
This thread is for any and all interested parties who have the common goal of advancing the Buff Variety of the Old English Game Bantam. Also I have compiled a email list of a small group of breeders who are already in the process of attempting to advance the variety if anyone would like a copy of it or would like to have your information on it please forward your info to me either pm or email it to


  • when you get some birds and get things going with the buffs i might try and make room for a start. got to get my birds i have now going good first.
  • I am really fond of the Buff color also and am working on different things of them, Buff Columbian, thanks to Carl Jarvis, Blue Tailed Buffs, Black Tailed Buffs, thanks to Delbert Jenkins, white tailed Buffs and hopefully there will be some that come straight Buff from all these patterns.
    Bill :-h
  • If you'll notice some of those hens had a lot of buff in the tail and wings. May not take much breeding those to a male with too much buff to get solid buffs.
  • Hopefully will have my start next month and we can be on the way to bringing the color back.
  • I have a couple Black tailed Buffs coming my way and will be trying for some solid Buffs. I am thinking about using a Red Pyle over them.
  • I should have buffs tommorow or the next
  • Delbert I did notice that and that is why I thought sooner or later I will peal a few of
    them off as just Buffs. It would be nice to have a pure Buff male but you can tell there aren't many around. If I happen to locate one though I will most likely pick him up.
    Bill :-h
  • How bad does the sunlight effect the buff color? Does it just fade it or does it cause rust like in blues?
  • The other poultry I have had in the sun are apt to lighten in color. No noticable change in rusting or other problems they just seem to get lighter.
  • edited January 2013
    Does anyone have any knowledge of the Buff coloring and the different ways to accomplish any of it?
    I am breeding Black Tailed to Blue Wheaton Sports in hopes of getting Blue Tailed Buff and then I am told when I breed the Blue Tailed Buffs I will get a 25% of White Tailed Buffs, which breed true. So here I go, right or wrong it is fun to delve into these things but if anyone wants to guide me in any way I am open to suggestions.
  • edited January 2013
    Here you go Bill, some of the best reading on breeding the buff color available. option=com_content&view=category&id=34&Itemid=55

    OK, that did not work. Go to the ABA website,
    Go to articles, then title filter using the word Buff.
  • Thanks Carl! I put all that info to Word to save and read as time allows.
  • well got my trio of buffs after a lot of trouble with the post office.
  • Handy can you post some pics please ?
  • Handy were there any more available where you got those?
  • No Bill I got the last trio he had available. Sorry if the pics ain't the best they had a long trip n they are feelin a bit cold they're a tad on the big side but that ain't to hard to fix but overall I'm happy with them.
    2013-01-17 14.38.29.jpg
    3264 x 2448 - 3M
    2013-01-17 14.40.33.jpg
    3264 x 2448 - 3M
    2013-01-17 14.39.25.jpg
    3264 x 2448 - 3M
    2013-01-17 14.38.39.jpg
    3264 x 2448 - 4M
    2013-01-17 14.35.19.jpg
    3264 x 2448 - 4M
  • I don't know why my pics keep showin up sideways.
  • Whisper to them and tell em to get busy laying lol. I will get mine home soon and maybe next year we can spread them out to a few more folks to work with. Handy are you gonna try any crosses with him ( wheatens or black tailed buffs )?
  • I haven't decided yet id like to stick with straight buff but we'll see who are yours comeing from?
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