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Swinging Perch

edited June 2012 in Product Reviews
I don't know how many are familiar with this, but thought I would bring it up. I am trying something new with my OE cockrells this year that has been done for a long time with other similar game birds to aid in greater breast and wing development.
The swinging perch is simply a perch that is suspended by either chain or rope and can move back and forth much like a swing, it is typically placed out in the pen away from the night roost to allow for a daytime or even night roost location. The swinging action requires the bird to balance and adjust position and makes a great "play place" for daytime cockrell activity.
I am curious who else uses this type of set-up for conditioning efforts. I would like to hear from you, I have done this in the past with other game birds but have not tried it with the OE up till now.


  • This sounds like a good idea!! Gonna have to set me up some of these for my chicks!!
  • This is a great topic, hope more peolple will comment on this????
  • My dad used to raise game roosters and he used this perch for his young stags.
  • This does make for some hard bodies!!! I had a male and about 4-5 females in one pen. One would move and the rest would have to adjust. I used metal clothes hangers nailed to the roost poll. It can't swing too freely or the wont use it.
  • I have been using bailing twine and allowing the roost to move very freely, they jump up get balanced see whats going on around them and jump down, the birds next to them do the same and start crowing they will do this all day but never stay on the roost too long so keeping them very active. I have seperate fixed roosts in the back of the pen they use at night. I have seen a considerable difference in the birds that were in pens with a swinging perch.
  • All 12 of our cockeral pens has swing perches and they roost on them at night we have some that like to play with them up and down just to watch them swing back and forth i guess , any way we sure do like them you can tell a big difference with the ones that has them and the ones that do not so we just keep rotating them good luck
  • I've seen ones that have a short tie cord attached to it to make the birds stay on the roost. These are out side of the pens like a daily workout. Oh yeah it's a piece of PVC pipe with a rope run through it.
  • Just string a piece of 3/8 rope between two trees 25ft apart. Tie a 6" piece of string to the rope and their leg. Put six on the rope at a time. They will balance them selfs or hang.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    How long do you leave them on a rope like that @ruger
  • I seen it used for training games some. I had the pleasure of being friends with the best trainers in the world nun of them use them . We move them ever day to new pens. They will only work for a few minutes then they stand around. I hand work my males on the table for fun .
  • All of my bitds are raised on a swinging perch no others in the pens. They help in building bodies while making choices in what gets singled out. What works for some is different than others it takes time to see some finish and develop as one wants. Minutes of something I want to see will never work when I have to live .with the birds I choose to keep
  • I have a few pens that I am using where everything is about 5 foot in the air. food , water and Roost so they have to work for everything.
  • The biggest thing to me is to make them hunger .I only feed them what they will eat.
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