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Nite Eyes

edited April 2012 in Product Reviews
Last year I bought several lights called Nite Eyes that were guarenteed to scare away preditors from my birds. These lights came on at dusk, flashed bright red like a pair of eyes, and then shut down at dawn. The research stated that these lights frightened preditors like Coons, Fox, and Opossums because they would think another preditor was in the area.
I bought four of these and installed according to the instructions. To test them, I placed a live trap within 25 feet of one of the lights and directly facing it. since January, I've trapped two coons, and seven Opossums in that trap less than 25 feet away from the light. My conclusions are that the preditor lights advertised are totally ineffective and I won't waste any more of my money on another.


  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    Maybe you're looking at this wrong Barry. They might be just the ticket for drawing in all of the predators in your county so you can live trap them. LOL
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    Sorry about my "humorless" comment Barry. Many products tout amazing things but are pricey. It is good to hear about things like this so others don't waste their time and money on inferior products like this.
  • Yep I was thinking about getting a couple of these, but won't waste the money now. Thanks Barry!!!
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Barry the brite flashing lights may be a good thing after all. I have been told that the flashing lights will keep Owls away. You might try a bug zapper also. The electric one with the purple light that elexacutes the bugs as they fly in it. I hear these will also turn owls away.
  • Hey Barry them things might work for elephants. Notice you haven't seen any of them running around yer place since installing it. LOL. Sorry I could not resist it. UNfortunately there are alot of products out there that don't do what they claim to do. Just like alot of fishing baits. They don't catch fish, just catch fisherman. Good to see we got a place to warn each other.
  • Thanks for the laughs fellows! In all seroiusness, I spent $100 for a product that doesn't scare anything....except maby Elephants! LoL. Thats why I put this on save somebody else from wasting their money. Don't know about the Owls Scratch....haven't caught any in my traps yet.
  • edited April 2012
    I was over at Jeff Burkhart's place and he has a dog about the size of a small elephant watching over his flock! He may have paid a hundred for it but I'll bet it gets the job done. one of the toughest things in raising a flock is the varmints that are always lurking about. It is a shame that these things didn't work as they could have sold me some of them.
  • Thanks Barry, for the warning, and for the laughs, I have always had trouble with varmints from time to time, seems like they know which birds are the cream of the crop, cause they always get that special bird! Sucks but it happens that way!
  • One of the best devices to use around your pens is an electric fence. Most all varmints will steer clear of it once they come in contact with it for the first time.
  • edited April 2012
    Always said no need for judges at a poultry show. Turn loose a mink and the best one is the one they go for. They sure can pick em.
  • edited April 2012
    Back in the 70's I came out to chickens scattered all over my yard some buried alive some dead and a bird dog (mine) was smiling at me with feathers all over his face.
    I gathered all I could and saved them and put them back in their pens and put the bird dog up. I came back home from work with it in mind to fix all my pens and make sure the dog was secured. My dog was nowhere to be found so I figured he got loose again. I asked my wife and she said you don't have one anymore, I took him up on the mountain along with the shotgun and he didn't come back. I said, you KILLED my dog, she said yes.
    Well I liked my chickens but I also liked my bird dog. so I got rid of the chickens I had left and said I wasn't going to get any more until I could afford to build me a barn. I finally got my barn built and so most of my chickens are secure. There are lots of downsides to a barn and keeping birds inside, such as the sun don't shine in there so I have it lighted with about 30 lights on a timer, but the worse part is the birds don't get any sun either. There are a lot of things you can't get out of a bag no matter how much you pay, but it don't do them any good to get sun if they are dead either. I know this is kind of long, but I thought I would share it with y'all.
    My pens out side are made of 1x2 welded wire with 1/2x 1 for the first 12 inches at the bottom. The problem I have is with Bob cats and coons and they will scare the birds into sticking their head through the wire where they remove it from them. thus the reason for having the 1/2 in. wire at the bottoms. Among all the problems we have with poultry the safety of them is probably the biggest for most.
  • I keep two "little" rottwiellers around for furry critters, they do a good job for me and what does walk the pens gets found usually by the dogs. I also have two red tailed hawks that sit attop my lens every morning and evening picking off mice and snakes. So far I have had no problems with the hawks and the birds in the pens, however I did have a cockrell get out of a grow out pen and try to run away he did not make it far.
    I do get concerned with the hawks and one of my Brown red hens since she doesn't like them on her pen she will fly up and peck thier toes, I know they will tired of her one day.
  • News Flash Carl. Them dogs ain't little. I seen em in person remember. Magnificent animals. Gotta say I love my little rat terrier. She does the job well for varmints and rodents.
  • I use a shotgun or a rifle. Catch them in traps and then its goodbye!
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