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Wyandotte Bantams



  • Kjundog, you take a aspirin for that Wyandotte fever.
  • Bayer back and body seems to work for the pain on this old body but there ain't no medication for Wyandotte fever. Had it 25 years ago and recovered but now I got a relapse.
  • Kjundog these wyandottes grow on you they started out my wife's but I have took them over and like them as much as I do my oe
  • Jr., How are the Columbians doing? Got some pics to post?
  • What is not to like about the Wyandotte. Good layers, good setters, good mothers. They are attractive with awesome personalities and not flighty and when right do well in the showroom. All this plus those plumb little bodies with their yellow skin which makes them excellent table birds. Like I said, what is not to like. They are truly the all purpose chicken. Been waiting for years to get back in with the right ones and I think I got them now.
  • I got rid of them I gave last of them to Samuel parks and he trying to raise a few. I just couldn't do them after I got them that was the year my father passed away and had just to much going on. Might try them again later.
  • What do think of head and comb for a silver laced.Has good spike.
    1478 x 1373 - 1M
  • 2 breeding pens.
    4128 x 2322 - 5M
    2089 x 2393 - 4M
  • head looks decent looking from the side. Are there any hollow spots when viewed from top? I like what I see on him.
  • No hollow spots.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    I like all the nice Wyandottes on here. These are my wife's pets, I just wanted to show you guys his really funky comb
    1000 x 769 - 114K
  • yes it does look a little beefy and the same width from front to back is not desirable. Seen better and seen worse. Saw one the other day that was square in the rear instead of coming to a point. You don't want a tubular spike like a rosecomb or seabright but you want to see it layed down on the head and coming to a point in rear.
  • The spike should be round from base to tip following contour of head.
  • Fun that's some nice silver laced,believe it or not I used to have some the quality wasn't very good back then,fun do you sell them I would like to have some again ?
  • tim thats the best comb ive ever seen on silver laced. most have combs as big as rosecombs. and have those deep pits. never knew u had silver laced wyandottes.
  • those look great Lonnie!
  • thats 2 nice pens of quality silver laced. very good looking birds.
  • image
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • I think this is best comb I have ever had on a black male.
  • image
    3264 x 2448 - 1M
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