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Wyandotte Bantams



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  • Very nice. Thanks James for posting them. Anybody else got some to show off.
  • My wife likes the Wyandottes so we bought some Partridge from a couple different breeders and she has done well with them. Had Res Ch. Bantam with one at the HOTOPA show under Bill Patterson. The breed has really grown on me too!
  • Well let's see them Jake.
  • both these birds where young in the pics.. they have both filled out fairly well since then. We only have 3 males and 5 females for the breeding pens this year... but that is plenty...
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  • Looking good everyone!!!
  • Partridge wyandottes are Kate's new breed too. She traded a man a pair of her moderns for a young pair of wyandottes. None of us know a thing about them - but we are learning! So far we have set all 6 eggs she has laid and all are fertile, one hatched last week, looking for 2 tomorrow. Kate is drifting away from OEs and trying new breeds............They are growing on all of us, just like the moderns did!
  • Nice Stone. Carla, you will all enjoy working with the Wyandottes.
  • i looked the world over for some quality silver laced wyandottes bantams. never found what i was looking for. brian knox probably has the best. i did have some light brahmas from brian a few yrs. they where good birds. never tried to get any from him. and when i did find some they where big and horrible combs so i passed on them.
  • I think the Partridge Wyandottes are some of the most beautiful birds that there are. I have always wanted some, so one day I hope to get some.
  • ky bbreds, Don't know if he still does but Jeff Halbach had nice Silver-laced. I think he is in Wisconson. I don't know who is still in Partridge but recall Old Doc Patterson (Bill's dad) had some nice ones before he passed away many years ago.
  • A silver laced male won ABA national recently.
  • Lonnie, Do you know whos it was?
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    Sugarhill poultry, Weare, NH. This year book .
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  • That Is Brian Knox.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • if i ever want to try and breed some ever again i will be calling brian to see if he can set me up a trio. look at that male! WOW that is one nice silver male.
  • i did get light brahmas from brian. i found out fast they have a hard time here in the summer in ky. when it was hot and high humidity they really got stressed. i kept them in the shade but they still got hot fast.
  • Very nice. Not perfect but none are.
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