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Wyandotte Bantams



  • Lonnie, It is all in genetics. The breeders have to carry genes for good combs to throw it. Males with rough points on the comb, hollow spots, long slender spikes, combs that rise in the rear and don't hug the head, inverted or recessed spikes or just narrow in the front must all be culled hard. Pay a lot of attention to the comb of the female as she is just as important for males with nice combs. Smooth texture or surface of comb on top, wide in front tapering narrow to the rear without an actual defined spike but just coming to a point in the rear is what I like to see. I will be honest with you guys. I had pretty much decided to not show anymore but these Wyandottes got me rethinking this thing out. To say I am excited about them is a real understatement.
  • my friend robert miller has some nice blacks and whites. and there great setters and mothers. the blacks are better than the whites as being mothers.
  • I love wyandottes my wife liked them at first but I was in love with oe but they have growed on me and I like them as good as my oe.
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  • I think this is the best wyandotte male I have ever raised
  • Very nice Jr. Black birds with good yellow legs are very difficult to produce. Especially females. They say to get those yellow legged females one must use males with white fluff but I am only speaking what I heard and don't know for sure. McCarty is doing real well with his. He said he got some from you along with some Lundgram stock.
  • Them yellow legs are the hardest to get right
  • Mine are basically the same as Mccarty mine was Simpson and I added some lungren in them
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  • I wish this was a better pic but this is a hen with great leg color but she is squatting and you can't hardly see her legs
  • I can tell she is very nice all around and could be one of the best black females I ever seen.
  • nice birds Jenkins. I like the Wyandotte families of chickens. if I didn't have OE those are what I would have!
  • I got all of McCartys Whites except a trio. Also got 2 males & 3 Females of Blacks.
  • Really nice male Junior
  • Thanks everyone I have had a great mentor with wyandottes Ron Simpson taught me so much. If I never win another show his compliments he has told me and others mean so much.
  • you know how I feel about them Junior! haha
  • Wyandottes Bantams are so pleasant to keep. They have a great disposition and personality. Not flighty or wild and produce a decent size egg for a bantam. Good setters and good mothers and a good one can hold it's own against any bird in the showroom. To me they are the perfect breed for someone who wants a small backyard flock for all purposes. Obviously others must feel this way judgig from the amount of posting that is being done in the short time I brought this thread back up. Hopefully I can put together a breeding program and raise a few and get back out there showing and be competitive against you guys. Ilike my lesser variety of Old English and will continue with them of course but now with the Wyandottes I think I got the makings for some birds that can get on champion row also if I do my job right. Hey Cooper, post a few photos of yours for us. Jenkins, you are fortunate to have had a mentor like Ron. I learned from Ziegler, McQueeny, McCarty, Holland and anyone else I had the opportunity to pick their brain back then. Don't know how many of you remember but J.W. Hymer was a good breeder of the whites. Anyone know how he is doing? Ain't heard much from him lately.
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