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Wyandotte Bantams



  • I made some birchen wyandotte bantams to go along with the columbians, white and partridge that I raise. I love the wheaten d english though
  • lori, you got any photos of your wyandottes to post? We would enjoy seeing them.
  • I need to get a picture of one of the pullets.
  • here is a very young Black cockerel and pullet, and two young white cockerel and a 11/2 year old white cock
    640 x 480 - 62K
    640 x 480 - 60K
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    looking good billy.
  • Thanks Tracy,
  • Nice birds, nice bodies. Watch them tails on them blacks. Don't want it too high giving it a saddleback appearance.
  • Jerry McCarty got a killer lil black female right now. I saw her two weeks ago. NIce head and nice tail, not flat sided and good yellow legs. She is an Art Lundgrem bred bird.
  • Art has some good ones I do have some of his blood plus walker
  • Brent davenport has a good black female was res.show champion at lawerenceburg this past weekend I judged her.
  • Kdog I will get a pick Jerry's bird and post it this Saturday.
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  • Hammer y'all need to try and finish them wins.
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  • J.W., You and Jame's whites were awesome and always were a good representation of the breed. The wyandotte is a bird of many curves. When you look at the outline of it from any angle you should not see any straight lines. Seen alot of them that were flat sided when viewed from the rear. You are right about the inverted V tail. I always referred to it as a tent tail because it looks like a little tent. I liked my whites I had years ago but just didn't like the trouble of a white bird. My columbians don't seem to be as high a maintenance as the solid whites.
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  • Raven, might have asked before, forgive me if I did, but are your wyandottes bantam or large fowl? I like the large fowl gold laced but haven't found anyone with show quality. do you know of any breeders?
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  • Who else has wyandotte bantams. Seen some good white and black females this weekend at the Louisiana state junior 4-h show.
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