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Wyandotte Bantams



  • What is the best way to breed the wyandottes? Do you put cocks back over their daughters and cockerels back over their mama? Im new to these Wyandottes, always had Old English.
  • Breed then same way as O.E.
  • Sold all my Wyandottes.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Sorry to hear that....But now you can maybe start back with some Silverduckwings...lol
  • Nope ,But have been looking at them in the shows. Got rid of them because I had the only ones in the show. Now there are several in the area showing them.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    I think you should get some more then...you could show those other guys how its done!..Im going to try and go to a show the end of Feb...up in Wash..State...about a 3 hour drive from me i have a couple 3 Birchen's i plan on taking but i don't expect to see any other ones...just like the Duckwings...not many have them..
  • Eddie I always breed mine like I would my old English only thing I do different is I single mate all my wyandottes because they lay so much better
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