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Wyandotte Bantams

Hope I do not offend anyone for starting a Wyandotte thread. Been getting a lot of inquiries from people on here about them and I guess if we can have a modern thread and a football thread then a Wyandotte thread ain't too far off subject. IN case you guys don't know , our own Raven was one heck of a Wyandotte breeder along with his son James. Even D.W. told me on the phone he was contemplating getting some so here goes some info and a few photos of mine, Columbians of course. LOL

With their close fitting rosecombs and females with their stiff inverted V tails (what I call a tent tail) and well rounded bodies they are quite beautiful. Unlike other rosecombed breeds they don't have a tubular spike. The comb should have some width in front and tapering to a point in the rear and fitting close to the top of the head and real smooth. When viewed from all angles the outline of the bird should be one of many curves, have well rounded sides and high tucked wings. Here are a few pictures of my dirty lil Wyandottes. Notice the one setting how she can flatten out and cover quite a few Old English eggs.

448 x 336 - 19K
448 x 336 - 22K
448 x 336 - 25K
448 x 336 - 22K
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  • Very Very, nice we have the Whites and Blacks, and have done quite well with them
  • Blacks are tough. Hard to breed black chickens with yellow legs. Getting better yellow leg pigment in mine is one of my problems.
  • Art Lungren Has some real nice ones
  • Jerry McCarty and Jr. Jenkins also have good blacks.
  • Here is some young white, this is from last year not this year
    White trio young.JPG
    640 x 480 - 61K
  • We going to get in trouble
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    cookie is watching but nice birds guys.
  • Love black Wyandottes can you guy post pics of some ?
  • I holler at Jr see if he will . One of his was Show Champion on the white card last weekend in Calhoun ...
  • Very nice whites Billy.
  • adminadmin Durant, OK
    I have to agree. If we can have threads about Moderns and Football, why not Wyandottes too. You're safe from the Cookie Monster.

    We have some in Black, White and Partridge. I like the pictures from up above. The Columbians look a lot like Light Brahmas (yes, minus the leg feathers which we have also).
  • Great that we have members that are not one dimensional and appreciate other breeds.
  • I agree with you Kdog have another breed will kinda open your eyes to all of them ... The Moderns are here at my house to stay but I still love my OEs
  • Rosecombs (Black), I used to have them when I was a kid. That'd be my other breed of choice. I sure like em. Sorry, I know this is a Wyandotte thread, just thinking out loud.
  • I also like Wyandottes. I was one of the first to have the Chocolates back in the early nineties. I let my Wyandottes go to make room for more OE's. When I get the hog house converted I may get some more. The hog house was a twelve sow farrowing house. The dimensions are 40 by twenty with sloped concrete floors. There will be plenty of room for a chicken house.
  • Rosecombs (Black), I used to have them when I was a kid. That'd be my other breed of choice. I sure like em. Sorry, I know this is a Wyandotte thread, just thinking out loud.
    I have some in Blue and Black working Birchen. if you decide you want a few some day let me know.
    Here are some Wyandotte's we were working with Large fowl Columbian and started a Birchen, when my wife quit showing I unloaded all the LF and cut the feed bill a great deal. A friend of ours cleared us out and I still help her cull and set pens. This is a shot of some Birchen Wyandotte LF they are getting better each year.
    I might have a thing for the Birchen color pattern, but I haven't been diagnosed with anything for certain.
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    1685 x 2145 - 1M
  • Oh oh. Might have started something here. All the Wyandotte lovers are coming out of the closet. LOL. This is so cool. Got my first Wyandottes from W. Joe McQueeny out of Auburn New York. It was the same year of the first joint ABA/APA national in Columbus. Champion bantam was a BIrchen Modern pullet by Carl Fremin, Reserve was a white cochin pullet by Ed Turpin and 3rd best was a white Wyandotte pullet by Uncle Joe Mcqueeny. Over 7000 bantams shown that year and my original stock came out of the same mating as that 3rd best pullet.
  • Wayne I will try and get a pic of my up and comers
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