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Is there anyway to increase Fertility!?


  • First thing is make sure your breeders are not fat. Do this by taking yourthumb and forefinger and lightly squeezing the pelvic bone on each side of the vent. If it is hard and stiff they are too fat. If they flex easily their ok. I use a product called testrone plus. I give one tab;et every other day to my older cocks in the breed pen. It is available from Smith's Poultry and Gamebird Supply. Some say wheat germ oil top dressed on feed helps.
  • I know this is a given with the seasoned breeders but just in case I will mention it...

    You should trim the feathers around their vents on all your breeding males and females.
  • Thanks, i might do that. Im going to get some wheat germ too.
  • I have used a product called Breeders Solution this year and may hatches have been better than 80%. It can be ordered from Twin City Poultry Supplies and has helped my birds.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    How do you trim the vent feathers
  • I am having a bad fertility problem,I sprayed for mites about a month age and thats when it started...Can any sprays make this happen?I used adams...was not to bad before that just a couple pens now its all...help i am not through....lol
  • spraying can cause fertility problems, but only for a few weeks. Adams only kills the adult mites. use frontline spray. breeder solution is the best we have found to increase the fertility and egg production. make sure your birds are wormed. good feed and water are a must to.
  • Check fertility by letting one of your questioned hens set a nest of her own eggs. I done this and hatched 8 for 8, answered my question right fast.
  • I haven't heard much about it but I am always sure to remove the feathers around the vent areas of my birds before or when I put them into the breeder pens and treat them for mites with Frontline. If the feathering is too thick around the vents they have problems with copulation completion thus decreased fertility of eggs.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    How do you remove feathers around the vent.
    What are the standard weights for old english
  • I usually just pluck them but some folks trim with scissors or clippers. It can sure cause some problems with fertility as heavy as the feathering is on some birds.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    What are the standard weights I think my birds are a little fat
  • Standard weight for an OEGB cock is 24 ounces, and is set at 22 ounces for hens.
    Got this online.
  • Cock :24
    Hen :22
    Cockerel :22
    Pullet :20
  • wheat germ oil ! I had forgotten about that. I used to raise and show siamese and balinese cats years ago and had one female that could never carry past 2 days and aall the kittens would die, then tried wheat germ oil...cured the problem. I will definitely be trying it on my hens.
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