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Black Breasted Golden



  • These are the ones that make them. Maybe someone can stand them up for me
    2560 x 1920 - 2M
  • :-h
    1907 x 1280 - 990K
  • Thanks Bill
  • Do u guys have any more pics of thoose golden males they look nice
  • Do the Golden males breed true or are they just a rarity?
  • I have a bbred female that I Crossed from a spangled male over a sdw female I noticed that offspring show a lot of gold on them I'm gonna cross her back to bbred this year.. see what I get out of her.? What do u guys think ill get out of her being crossed back to s bbred male?
  • If you breed golden to golden they'll breed true.
  • Thanks When ever some of you get a pair or trio to sale let me know Got a pen waiting on them. ;)
  • Mcoronas there are some more pics of golden bbs that duckwing posted on the golden duckwing thread. As far as your breeding question I don't know.
  • If you breed golden to golden they'll breed true.

    i don't know when i breed them in the large fowl , i breed the Golden cock back to the BBR hen, i got them down to 1/64 BBR and they were the best colored Golden that i had rasied Don't know about the OE but should work the same
  • Billy That's my plan for the ones we have we didn't hatch any golden females so we're gonna put one back over his mother ( a bb ) and put the other over a bb.
  • That should work since mother and father both should have the cream gene. Any sisters to the male you have have a 50/50 chance of having the cream gene also.
  • If I understand correctly of I breed 1 to a non retaliated bb hen that does not carry the gene the offspring will be 100 '/. Bb red but they should all carry the gene And Iif I were to breed the offspring of that mating to a bb golden they should produce goldens. Is that correct?
  • What would the percentage of bb golden offspring be from the mating of golden to cream gene bb red?
  • 50% cream and 50% BB Red carrying one cream gene.
  • Thnk you.
  • edited August 2013
    Randy the one on the left Is the one I was talkin to you about. Not a grate pic of them. I wasn't sure if that was gold coming out on his wings or stress marks on just not coloring out right. I'll try to go out and get a better pic tonight or tomorrow.
    2560 x 1920 - 2M
  • edited August 2013
    I haven't seen one like that with the duckwing. I would cull that one and keep the golden ones to breed to the light hackled pullets when you get one.
    1440 x 1080 - 323K
  • Thanks that's kinda what I was thinking to. I may keep him til he feathers out. Im not feeding that many right now anyway and one more won't make that much of a difference. That's a good looking one you posted there. I'm hoping the ones we have even out in color to look like yours. I guess I'll know in a month or two. Do you have any pictures of your when they were younger before they got there last cockrel feathers? It'd be nice to have something to compare to.
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