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missing chicks

I moved 14 3 week old chicks to an outside pen yesterday, and checked this morning and NOTHING. Everyone of them is gone, not a trace of anything. I have hens with chicks in the surrounding pens, that have been there for a couple of weeks and they are fine. We don't have snake problems here where I am at in southeastern Idaho. Just mice is all I have had to deal with and I have poison out for them. Any ideas. :((


  • Snake or human issue taking them
  • Believe me when i say just because you don't see a snake doesn't mean youndon't have one.
  • person probably
  • Ya I agree Snake are human's and Jerrys right where there's mice and rats there's snakes !!!!!!
  • Thanks guys, person was my first guess, but I will be on the lookout for snakes.
  • Good Luck with it !!
  • I don't think a snake could eat all those chicks and get back out of the pen. Sounds like a thief to me.
  • How big is your wire. If they piled in a corner and a coon can reach them he may have pulled all them through and ate them. I have had a snake swallow chicks before but they where stuck in my pen because of the chick inside. They do hide while digesting.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    could be a 2 legged snake.
  • I hate that kind
  • The pens are 4'x4' with metal up 2' on the front, and then 2' of standard chicken wire, so no coons can reach through. Sad to say, but I think it is a 2 legged snake. I have had them before. :(
  • I've had one are two of them Snakes before in my coops ...Thing about about those... I invited them to look just a few days before and they sliverd back while the ol dog was gone !!!!
  • I've had a coon eat grown birds through 1" wire and only leave a small amount of blood on wire and nothing else
  • edited July 2013
    Snakes slithering or walking
  • Two legged
  • so sad to think people would act like a snake and remove your chicks. have a lady friend who had the same problem. "snake" came to look and when it wanted one that was not available it came up missing and the lock on the outside of the coop was broken? h-m-m-m- "snake" got caught though and prosecuted. Seems a few other coops in the area where on the "snakes" target range....
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