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  • Black. When you look at vent skin black.helps to find females for breeding.
  • The Standard states that a Silkie is the only breed that should have black skin. This should be a major defect for a Modern to have Black skin.
  • While I am not a big fan of the Black Skinned moderns, I don't see how it is a defect. Heck Chris, if judges really cared about face color then a Black Modern Pullet would never win.
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    Bob, The breed description for the Silkie states that the Silkie is the only breed of bantam with black pigmented skin. In my opinion, this means that a Modern should not have black skin. If a bird is exhibiting a foreign color it is considered a defect. This is just my interpretation of the Standard. Others may have their own opinion.

    Even though I don't agree with the face color of a Black Modern, I have to judge by what is written but remember face color is only a 1 point cut. This also goes for the dark faced Blacks as well as the red faced Birchens and Brown Reds.
  • ABA standard States Black Face where Red is standard is a 2 point cut. Under color defects.
  • Some breeder pyles I got last week to add to mine from duckwing.
    3264 x 2448 - 3M
  • Look nice Lonnie! Post some pics of yours that you are putting them with!
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    I love looking at your modern pics every on keep them come ing
  • This is a Red Pyle cockerel that I hatched last year. He has a little bleed through in the wing bar but pretty clean color everywhere else.
    1536 x 2048 - 867K
  • Nice one.
  • Thanks. Pyles are my favorite variety of Moderns but they sure are a tough variety to breed. I hatched around 50 cockerels last year and ended up with only 4 clean colored males.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • What color is easy.
  • True! I am thinking when the standard was written it was made to where it was next to impossible to achieve a bird that is perfect in all areas. Kind of like the engineering on automobiles you have to remove the bumper to change a light bulb. I guess that is what makes it fun though the continuation of trying to make the perfect one!
    Nice modern Chris!
  • Here is some of my wife's Moderns.
    800 x 532 - 201K
  • What color is easy.

  • That's what I thought. Black female with red face is hard.a lot hatched males have color base of hackle.
  • That's because everybody uses Birchens or Brown Reds to improve their Blacks. Most Birchen females I see don't even have Mulberry faces but have ash colored faces with red eyes.
    You get a lot of Black OE with red faces- why not Moderns? I think it is because Birchen or Brown Reds were not used to improve the Blacks. I have talked to old breeders about this and they believe because maybe BB Reds were used to make blacks.
  • So black is a hard color to get on the right modern? Every color has it's difficultys.
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