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  • okie1 there are a few breeders out there with wheaton moderns, check with Tom Anderson he can direct you 910-284-5289....hope this helps......
  • Found a couple photos of Joey in his younger days. One with a modern and the other with a Cornish win.

    Joey Modern.jpg
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  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    i remember them day,s did i judge that one.
  • No Tracy, Pat Malone did the Cornish. Terry Britt judged the Old English. Joey showed dark Cornish and BB Red Old English and had 3 birds on champion row. He also had Grand Champion display on the BB Reds and Reserve grand champion display on the Cornish. Modern photo, that was at the Cajun Classic when we had the Cochins International Western nationals. Craig Rounsaville judged the Jrs. and Joey had Champion Bantam on a black Cochin pullet, 3rd best on that Modern and 4th best on a BB cockerel. Randy Menards daughter had reserve bantam on one of his nice black OE pullets. As I grow older those photos sure bring back the pride I had in him once.
  • Thanks, Fowlplay...
  • No problem okie1, kjundog I really enjoy reading your posts, they are heartfelt.....
  • Here's your competition Mr.Roach! LOL
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  • Ya only thing is ... I'll not get bet with my own bird !!! lol
  • Just like I can't show that brown hen right
  • nice little pullet simpsonandHowell.......
  • Hope you got signed papers
  • lol might be like a back yard chicken show !
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    nice modern s and h.
  • Here's a little pullet that's come on strong and I'm liking
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  • Jeff she's got a body !!! And slick
  • Nice birds guys. I always liked the moderns. Keep postingthem pictures. I love looking at them.
  • Kdog this my 3 year old Granddaughters pet
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  • Good fine bone bird.
  • Nice marvin can't wait to see those opal moderns.....
  • Same here Fowl
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