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I hope you folks don't mind I just had to post a few of these guys .. these are some of this years babies Were kinda proud of them and wanted to see what y'all think ?
3664 x 2062 - 1M
3664 x 2062 - 911K
3664 x 2062 - 1M
3664 x 2062 - 1M


  • Nice birds...
    400 x 494 - 16K
  • Thanks Duck those are still babies but are showing alot of promise ... That male is sharp
  • adminadmin Durant, OK
  • Thanks Sherri
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    cookie monster remember o.e. website
  • adminadmin Durant, OK
    the cookie monster does visit sometimes! ~:>
  • I'm sorry if I upset are affended anyone with this Trend ..... I am the worlds worst at getting off topic ....ADHD lol .... I know this web site was and is set up for folks that breed ,raise and show OE bantams ... Its a great site and wouldnt want to hurt are upset it in anyway ... Sorry again Marvin Roach
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I wouldn't worry to much about it Marvin seeing as admin was the one that bumped it back to the top.
  • Thanks again Sherri they can see it now
  • I like the moderns also, does not bother me. I bet a lot of oe breeders have moderns. My wife has lemon blue moderns, it's nice to be able to see others sometimes.
  • Personally not a fan of a modern, I cant stand anything with a lot of leg, I like a small bird, small women, I just like them all short legged. But some like them tall long legged types so to each their own.
  • My partner and I have Brown red, Birchens and silver blue moderns.
  • gotgamegotgame Stillwater Oklahoma
    I have blue moderns...Carl, u like Short legged women? Wow.....never would have guessed.
  • I would not guessed ether
  • Here.

    633 x 800 - 112K
    609 x 800 - 87K
  • edited July 2013
    Dang Duck you sure have some good looking moberns.... Those on the top are a few ol cluckers we rasied
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • here ya go Don't want to make her X( == :) :D :))
    cookie-monster in tray-1.JPG
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    555 x 743 - 48K
  • Marvin, Look on modern game bantams in the uk and you will see where I downloaded these birds. I don't think anyone in the usa can touch them.
    800 x 580 - 50K
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