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So I lost a bird to mites. One day she was fine and the next I went to feed and she was dead. Anything I can do to stop them? What do y'all recommend?


  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    frontline the best
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    Frontline keeps em away for months
  • I agree 100% with Tracy and nboon. Frontline is by far the best solution for mites. Use it and you can forget about mites for months.
  • I frontline my birds every 3 months
  • I had bad mite problems about a year ago. After trying dust, permectrin, ect I finally broke down and bought some frontline. No mites since. Best investment for bug control I ever made.
  • Tried everything never could get them under control , one treatment with frontline no more mites.
  • I second the frontline also. Nothing compares.
  • What type of Frontline does everyone use? The spray? Or the smaller boxes?
  • I use the 8oz. Spray bottle. Get a eye drop bottle and put the spray in it, put one drop under vent and one drop above vent.

  • Shanesbantams
    Thank you for that info. I have been using a drop of ivomec below the vent with success.
  • I use Ivomec two ways, one is applied directly to skin under hackles near base of neck and back, the other is mixed in water. I have also used Ivomec paste spread on bread and tossed in the pen. All three seem to work very well, however the Frontline spray is very quick. I use Ivomec on a regular basis which seems to reduce the need for Frontline.
    With Frontline stick to the spray.
  • edited February 2014
    Frontline Spray - Price: $50
    As Good As Spray - Price: $20

    Controls external parasites.

    2 tubes of the 89-132# generic Fipronil - Buy at Walmart in Pet Dept under Pet Armor name (not the plus version)
    8.5oz of 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol (good quality rubbing alcohol)

    2 or 3 sprays under vent takes care of lice & mites
    apply as needed
    do not spray just before bedtime or before enclosing in small places
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Some years ago...seems that Adams flea and tick spray was used alot...thats what i used
    Now over the last 8 years scince i have had my OE again i have use Zodiac flea and tick spray...But i don't have alot of birds like most of you...i check them periodically if i see any mites i spray them right away and the roosting areas..I was in Pet Smart yesterday and saw that they had the Adams spray so i might try that again...i think it was about $16 for a pint of it...
  • I used to use Adams also but ended up spraying about every 4 to 6 weeks to keep them off. Now I use frontline about every 6 months .NO MITES. But cost about 3 times more. But only takes one small spray.
  • I am new and don't have a lot of experience BUT I would definitely stick to the spray . The tubes are for placing on the base of the neck and tail of a dog and I believe they also have a cat version of frontline. I think the dosing of the little tubes might get tricky and you could kill the bird....remember as an old veterinarian told me wormer and flea control products are basically poison!
  • The other thing I have used for mites and such bugs is my dusting bin in the summer. [I actually have it set up yesterday and today but didn't have any DE. I did it mostly for them to just enjoy dusinting when all around is snow and ice!] I use peat moss and mix in a healthy dose of DE. They love to dust and I'm sure they enjoy that a whole lot more than being held down and dosed...LOL....I was using the peat moss when the state NPIP inspector was here and she could not believe how much they loved dusting in it. She asked what I was using and I told her peat moss. She said she was definitely going to get some for her birds. For all who have a LOT! of birds you would have to buy several tubs and move them from pen to pen day to day. When the inspector was here some of mine were actually burying themselves right up to their necks!They might be afraid of it at first, but once they figure out what it is....they will stand in line to get in!
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Good info to know...In fact i just made a couple breeding pens and used peat moss for the base and then shavings and a little straw for topping..I think i will try what you said....
  • I use Adams with Precore it kill eggs and all
  • I use frontline you can get it through amazon $29 a bottle...
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