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Are all you folks in the Southeast as tired of this rain as I am? Its rained almost every day and I mean in buckets too! Got 3 inches the last two days alone. Along with the rain comes the humidity(97%), and it really wears this old body out. Some days I have to change shirts 3 or 4 times due to the sweat. Its hard on the birds too. I really have to watch out for moldy feed in the feed cups and do all that I can to keep the birds dry. Its a great time for the Pox so watch out for it.


  • Im tired of the rain myself my chicken yard and cages stay wet. So i just gota keep cleaning. Gets boring
  • You get used to it in Louisiana and so do the birds. Unfortunately it is hard to keep them lookin good.
  • No rain in OKLAHOMA hot and dry.
  • Not much here in southeastern Idaho. Send some this way, we'll take it!
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    14 inches in last 5 days here ...also Rained every day for the 3 weeks are seems like it anyways ....
  • I have finally had 2 days rain free after 6 straight. But unfortuantley looks as I have more on the way. Gonna have to buy some floaties lol.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    We here in Texas need a good long rain for the hay
  • If you will notice, part of the nation is flooding and another part is in a drought. Dust or mud take your pick little in between. It moves to different areas each year.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • There a town on the Fla Ga line that got 21 inchs in the same time frame ....
  • You folks out west need some rain and we are drowning here in the Southeast. We now have a potential hurricane headed our way for this weekend. I would love for some sunshine to dry us out but it looks like it will be a while. I guess its the humidity that affects me most. I can just stand still for 10 minutes and get drenched in sweat. Can't keep it out of my eyes either.
  • Barry I have the same problem sweat in the eyes I went to Walmart and got me some head bans I my look like chichichong but my eyes are dry LOL
  • Do they really work Tim? If so, I'll go get some today. My eyes burn like crazy when sweat gets in them so I have to constantly stop what I'm doing and wipe my face.
  • Give them a try they work for me.
  • Will do and thanks!
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    Raining here again. KInda looks spooky. The wind is blowing, temperatures are mild, heavy cloud cover and rain. Reminds me of the way it looks just before a hurricane.
  • We have a potential tropical storm coming toward us this weekend Kdog. We really need more rain...LOL It's rained almost every day here.
  • Same here Barry... We are now 15 inchs of rain over FOR THE YEAR and its just July ....
  • Better get yourself a boat Marvin! It looks like we may get another big dose!
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