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agb american game bantams

anybody else raising some American game bantams?


  • My partner has Brown Red AGB
  • I have pumpkins
  • Post a pic of the Pumpkins if you don't mind. Would love to see them.
  • i have bb red sweaters, Kearney white hackle spangleds, white claret hen, and a frost grey hen
  • is this a new type of old english bantams
  • J.W. I think they are confused. With names like sweater and Claret they aren't talking about Bantams.
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  • Yes and No Raven these are bantams but not OEs !! Saw some guys with some Buchers they were about half to the size of the Standards You know !!!! And yes folks have and do show them two at a time !
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    American Game Bantams.. Judge Marty McGuire Has blacks agb.. We have brown reds..
    They were bought as oe's but found out from a judge they were really good agb.. They are not much bigger than the oe. we actually showed some at Moulton Show last year... They fit comfortably in the bantam show pens.. Type is way dif and need fluff at base of tail, also hard to find on this side of the mississippi..
  • I agree Tim I have also seen tthose.... Thats the AGBs that are shown not sweaters , clarets and roundheads . There calling them AGBs 30+ of them went through the sale barn the other night .... Sweaters and rounds are pea combed also.... AGBs are like OEs there single comb right ?
  • The ones I saw were a lot bigger Tim .....Long backs and fluff
  • The ones I saw were a lot bigger Tim .....Long backs and fluff
  • Yeah these we have are strait comb, they don't have a nice curve 2 their back. Kinds stops abrupt at the tail. Kinda flat back..I don't know enough about them. other than my partner got them thinking they were Oe and got bigger than what he had..
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    cookie monster o.e. web site.
  • Golden Duckwing AGB
    Golden Duckwing.jpg
    500 x 375 - 73K
  • image

    Is that what this rooster it's he's bigger than my oegbs
    4128 x 2322 - 2M
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    I used to have some large games a long time ago...I had some Clarets and Roundheads...Got the Roundheads from my friends uncle who lives in Arizona and he still has a few..I have OEGB now but sure miss the beauty of the Large games...
    I have entertained the idea of getting AG bantams...I guess the standard is alot different then the OEGB..I haven't been to shows in a long time but i guess that quite a few of the AGB are being shown now...
  • glen cryar has blacks he is working on.
  • wouldnt trade the bantys oes for the american games or gamecocks , raised top circuit quality hatch kelsos for 30 years , no way would i go back
  • Same here raven. My family own game for more then 50 years but times have changed. were i grow up going to meets now i would not take my son. The people that are going to them now are out laws . We traveled all over the world from sunset,texoma,copper state. showing bantam is something my hole family can do together and that's what its all about for me.
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