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edited July 2013 in Madder than a Wet Hen
Found two pitbulls trying to get into a pen of young birds this evening. Carrying a bag of feed and no gun with me
I ran them off. They had killed 5 breeders by tearing through 2" x 4" welded wire with 1/2" x 1" over that - all connected with J clips. They tore the doors off both pens and the side out of one pen. Never seen this happen before. I will settle up with these two when I introduce them to Vengenace - my 870 12 GA.


  • I'd get her loaded Ronny !!! You know there comming back...
  • Had a neighbors dog in my live trap he didn't kill anything but he stopped coming over tooimage
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  • I should have kept him he matched my flock chocolate lab and chocolate old english
  • One of the best dogs I ever owned went down the road after he flipped out one night and got into my crele breeder pen.
  • I sure hate that Ronnie. Over the years I've had more trouble with dogs than anything else.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    jw your pics are way to large slow down the site.
  • Those two met Vengance this morning. Later found out they had killed my neighbors
    three cats.
  • Dogs are the worst, I can understand when a coon or something wild gets in and takes a meal. I do not like it but I can understand. The dogs just get in and kill everything. Living out where we do there is a big problem with folks from town dumping dogs, pups, and it really gets to me. They just cause so much trouble. I have yet to have any predator troubles this year which is a bit odd but I guess
  • My neighbors have came to realize that living in the country does not mean they can let their dogs roam free, If they do their dogs disappear
  • My dogs are trained well and don't even look at my birds
  • I Had the reputation for many years, Now it is the man up the lane Lol
  • My dogs don't pay any attention to the birds but I have had neighbor dogs try and get into the pens or go after one of the free range birds hate haveing to send a dog off because of bad owners.
  • The only way to keep dogs out is to fence around your birds,because your neighbors ant going to keep them up ,my neighbor goes to the pound about once a week and bring dogs home with her.
  • Ron be careful they puy micro-chips in them now they can track them where they been and where they at.
  • I keep a rather large Rotty, he does not like furry things around the yard regardless of size, and honestly likes the birds to the point he protects them well. If they make a stir while he is in the house he goes to the door unless a window is open, He has broken more than one screen due to the birds making noise.
  • It would be bad fort he owner if they tracked one back to my property due to paying damages shame on them and oh by the way they can have there dog back to dispose of as see fit. Talked to the sheriff and he said take them out if they are off a leash .There is a leash law even in most parts of the good ole USA
  • In the state of GA. The same law that protects livestock from stray pets for farmers applies for the Hobbiest in Chicken . I got a One warning rule I try to live by I WARN the owners once .. The only way that this rule is not met is me seeing any blood while its still on my land
  • I know a man that shot a coyote dog that was crossing his property and killed it,the man that own it had tracking devices on it cost the man 12000 for dog .
  • All my birds are caged and a dog would have a hard time getting them .... But I have lost a few from the Dogs boncing along the cages and the chickens trying to get away braking there necks
  • I had a freind that shot a pit bulldog . It was in his yard and just killed his wifes cocker spangl .. They took him to jail and it cost him $1800.00 for the mans dog plus fines .... If only he hads some livestock ....
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