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Figured I would start a place to let everyone of the haters talk a lil smack. And let the Black thread get back to chickens. I know that everyone has their own opinions and this will probably get good, so have at it " Cause you are either a Gator or a Hater" lol. And Hippie water bugs dont taste that good and they get stuck in your teeth. But a nice elephant steak sounds mighty good.


  • Gator all the way here Dont live far from the swamp
  • GO VOLS.... Lets hear some rocky top..
  • Are they still playing football in Tenn ??. i thought thay gave that up ...
  • Ouch lol
  • Don't get stepped on trying to get one!!!!!
  • Bama is good cause Kirby smart is a Elite defensive mind and he makes game winning adjustments 99.9 % of the time. Saban runs a simple Style of offense that he demands perfection out of and his o line has perfect technique their line scheme is a 2ft split scheme and they do it very well. OKLahoma state vs bama would be water versus fire. Would be a game that would be watched by a lot of people.
    Oregan is so small and not mean or good at running with anger. Oklahoman State runs pissed off and their style can't be replicated on the practice field. They are way different than any other no huddle team. Texas is switching to something similar this year but it takes a few years to get it down. Tracy might get a few headaches this year watching them.
  • edited July 2013
    Enjoy watching games but really couldn't care less who wins. None of them are putting money in my pocket and when the weekend is over I still gotta go to work on Monday. The LSU cap I where is not a statement but just to cover my head. Someone wants to send me an Alabama or Tennessee or Texas or Georgia or what ever I would where that too. LOL
  • Are they still playing football in Tenn ??. i thought thay gave that up ...
    hopefully we finally got a FOOTBALL coach instead of a poser !! GO VOLS !!
  • OU hat on the way Wayne! LOL
  • Don't get stepped on trying to get one!!!!!
    Five yards Hippie
  • Five little yards
  • It only works in horse shoes
  • Black I don't understand why some body hasn't hired Kirby thank god they haven't might be waiting on Saban to retire.
  • Ain't nothing worse than a Florida gator. Ga Bulldog all the way! !!!! :-O :))
  • Kirby has turned all interviews down he is a Saban loyalist
  • Nobody bit on your comment, Dad! Must have struck a nerve or two! LOL
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Nuten, I think they are still in shock to see a rare occasion that your dad posted something. LOL. I thouroughly enjoy what he has to say.
  • Is that a type of horse shoes ?
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