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Anyone having problems lately getting on and using this website? The last week or so I've had problems getting on, slow to pull up discussions, and even freezing at times. Tonight I had to try three times before I could get on. I'm not having problems with any other site that I use so I was hoping someone could give me the administrator's contact address to help me fix the problem.


  • me too!!!
  • Me three !!!!
  • It is bad in Okla. too
  • I just told my wife the same thing
  • Same here.. but seems to be better tonight for me.
  • same all day but did good tonight
  • same here in Tennessee
  • Must have been something with the server mine was slow today but, This early AM all is good
  • Well I'm glad that I'm not the only one having problems. Perhaps the administrator can fix it for us.
  • slow for me to.
  • same here
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    I am able to make a post but it will not let me start a new discussion. I talked with Sherri and she said she had not changed any settings. I am wondering if the site has too much stuff on it? I am not very intelligent about this stuff but it appears to me that something is wrong with it being so slow and all.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • I'm afraid you might have hit the nail on the head Tracy .....
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    I think the site might be in for a crash. It does not load the banner ads or the breeder ads for me anymore and I still can't start a new thread. This thing is really really slow.
  • There are 43 pages with over 800 threads. I am sure alot of these can be deleted and are no longer relative. Things such as Merry Xmas and Happy Easter are long past. Heck, I think there were six pages of wishing me to get well when I had my heart attacked that can be wiped out. If these would be deleted then I think we would have more memory on hereand the response would be quicker.
  • Wayne I agree with you just figuring out what to delete though. Maybe should get a opinion of all the members on thoughts of handling this. In my opinion we should condense some of these down. Persay a thread for each Variety, one for health questions, Pens and barns. general ideas and questions, Shows etc. and of course The Morning coffee. There are a few that we all continue to use but some are just holding up space. I am in no way saying to just go through and delete every thing just do a littlt emoving and adjusting.I have tried to erase some of my older ones and cant.
  • Just a matter of someone having to time to go over every thread and determine what is still relevant. Sherry is very knowledgable of what is relavent to OLd English community and the readers. Don't needs those old get wells and happy birthdays and such, as well as the season's greetings and holiday threads. THreads concerning shows more then 6 month past posting results would probably be best deleted for newer material. I would bet at least 10 pages of threads could be deleted. Who knows how many individual pages and photos in those threads would amount to. I trust Sherry 100% to make that decision.
  • Maybe we can get it figured out and keep moving forward.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    plenty of threads could be grouped like on comments or classified.
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