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2012 hatch

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How's everyones hatch going? A few of us are just getting started. I have about 35 off in march, however I set 150 eggs yesterday.


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    Got about 30 pure Columbians and the same in wheaton columbian mix. perhaps 70 OPals and 75 BBred male line and 30 female line. Will continue with female line through May as that is the best time for females to me. Also aboutb 30 Columbian Wyandotte Bantams.
  • We have around 80 male line BB Red's out so far.We are shutting them down at the end of this month.We will run the black's a while longer just to try to get some number's to pick from for next years breeder's.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I have 10 babies, 6 of them bbreds. But Randy, like you, I have 150 eggs in inc. and probably going to set another 60 or so in the next couple of days.
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  • I am waiting on my first ones to hatch they are to hatch on the 18th of this month there is 81 eggs in that batch.
  • I have broken up my breeding pens already. I've got 170 male line BB Reds and 14 Barreds with a few Barreds still in the incubator. Had really good luck hatching this year with all hatches over 80%.
  • I just cranked my incubator up last week, so I've got a ways to go yet!!
  • My birds just started to lay good so I haven't hatched any yet have about 50 should hatch in the next few days. I'll probably keep the bator running until atleast June.
  • we have 210 with a dozen eggs left to hatch.
  • I have been hatching since Oct. for this years birds. Have hatched over 200 Opals so far, about 100 columbian, 75 or so Birchen and silver blue, just started setting Brassy Back and Brown Red, Been culling real hard as I expect to hatch between 8-900 Opal, 250-300 columbian, 2-300 Birchen and Silver Blue.
    The hatcher is completely full today with over 400 due to hatch on monday, just set another 300 yesterday, with 180-220 a week for teh next two weeks as well.
  • I'm glad I ain't got yer feed bill Carl.
  • It ain't too bad when you cull real hard. I only have 39 of the first 200 Opals, I figure thats about 20% keepers at 14 weeks of age so should be about 5-10% by 22 weeks of age, with 800 hatched that should be about 80 I can keep or share.

    The columbian s I have been culling for leg length and wing carriage so don't have all of them either.

    I am selling the Brassy Back and Blue wheaton breeders today so won't have to worry about anymore of them just whats in the inc. and hatcher now.

    Birchens I have been culling real hard I have had 4 matings of them and down to one or actually two using one male at the moment. I have a few I like but many more I do not like at all, or over and under laced just problems like that or leg length they are easy to pick though and reduce numbers fairly quickly.
  • Wow! Thats a lot of chickens to take care of Carl! I thought I had a lot with 180 chicks. Keeps me real busy caring for them.
  • Thought you guys might enjoy a few phots of this year's hatched. I started around Thanksgiving hatching and beefed it up upon returning from Shawnee. One photo each of different age groups in brooders. Some older females out of brooders and I have about 30 males in individual 2X2 growout pens. Did not photogragh all but took a few individuals to illustrate. Sorry but you may see more then Oold English as I also hasve Columbian Wtandotte bantams and my son has large Charlie Carr windgate Brown Reds in the brooders. Did not start with female line BB's until 4 weeks ago. I was in no hurry to hatch them early.

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  • I don't see how you guys take care of all those chickens! My small flock keeps me busy all day.
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    They do take a good bit of time. That is why I work the night shift. I do get to sleep about 4 hrs. out of a 24 hour day. Funny what abuse you can train your body to do get used to. LOL The cajun life ain't easy but it sure is fun.
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