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Posting Pictures

edited June 2013 in Somethin' to Crow About
Posting pictures CAN NOT be this hard, I am NOT "computer stupid". This is however getting under my skin! I have used my iphone, my wifes computer with windows 8 and my work computer with windows 7. Could it be internet explorer? has anyone had problems with explorer and made the switch to chrome ? This is insane!


  • Yes... when i tried IE when i first found this site it would not show the attach file options
    below the comment box that look like this..

    Attach Files: [Select Files][Upload Files]
    Having difficulties? Try switching to the basic upload.

    i switched to Mozilla firefox browser and the options showed, hope this helps.. if it does click basic upload and attach file next then it will give you the browse button to access your photos
  • Thanks, Hopefully ill have time this afternoon to try it. I'm sure it does not help that were out in the country and can only get satellite internet, which is really slow.
  • Del, that strikes me as odd. I thought the satellite was supposed to be faster than other types if internet. I was thinking of it but it was too expensive so I just went with DSL which I consider slow at my house. They say I can get faster but it costs more, Go figure.
  • Bill,
    They have "faster" satellite internet now, but it's still not real fast. We've tried getting DSL here but it's not available.
  • We have DSL but I am not too happy with it. Here at work we have Cox and it seems to do well.
  • My mom has cox in OKC and I've not found anything that comes close to it.
  • We have Verizon home fusion.. i am in a very rural area where satellite or verizon was the only option.. very happy with the verizon speed
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Here is something you might try Del. Downsize the picture. I have always had good luck with changing the pixel size down to around 600-700. A lot of the pics on this site are so large that it takes forever for them to come up on the screen and the smart phones may be the cause of this. I know that on the old site a picture could only be a certain size before it would download.
  • Ernie is sure right about the size of the pics. However I have seen several that were huge and slow to download. I also resize to 600 before posting. These large photos can also mess with the site speed if I am not mistaken.
  • I finally got it done, I just had to use chrome instead of IE. thanks for the info on resizing, ill keep that in mind if I post more.
  • I use HP Photo shop and crop the pic down to just the bird then change the pixels to about 300, then drop the size to about 3x4 or 4x6 this usaully brings down my picks to about 5000to 6000 kb.
  • internet explorer is a nightmare
  • do you just install google chrome then click on it? when I did that it opens to a yahoo page? do you just enter thru there then and try posting pics?
    I have tried using basic upload with IE and still have been unable to post pics?
  • I can not get attach a file to open in order to post any pics what's the deal
  • My phone keeps telling me no memory . Have to try my lap top .
  • Every time I try to post a picture it is side ways how do I turn them so they are straight
  • Flip them upside down then save it . Then flip them back right and save it and try posting them !!! Don't ask me why but that's what I've got to do !! And it works
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • How do I flip it side ways? I turn the computer side ways and the look great. Lol have no clue on how to do it
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