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  • Got to put a roof on it and the wire and it will be done.
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  • Yep. Need to whisper in his ear I guess.
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    Just completed (2) 6' X 10' x 6' tall grow out cages. Nothing fancy or pretty and just used material I had lying around. Probably one for males and one for females is going to be the strategy with a mature male in the pen with the young males to break up any arguments amongst the young ones. Here are a couple photos. Three foot up solid walls should be enough to keep the pitbulls out.

    1024 x 768 - 160K
    1024 x 768 - 103K
    1024 x 768 - 149K
    1024 x 768 - 114K
  • Keeping the bottom covered like that will help keep anything from spooking them and makes a big difference. I buried metal 12-18 inches deep around my 16x16 too just to keep stuff from digging in.
  • this is one of my sets
    960 x 541 - 135K
  • Updated with conditioning pens courtesy of Rick Riggs
    2592 x 1456 - 1M
    2592 x 1456 - 2M
    2592 x 1456 - 2M
  • Looks like you got them set up perfect Tim. Looks great!
  • yup now I can condition properly.
  • This is the main drag of pens of ours . It has pens on the front and back on the top of it and full brood pens on the bottom with nest boxes built to the out side .
  • Nice set up Marvin
  • Marvin How do you keep the shavings out of your feeders I spend more time cleaqning feeders than I do feeding.
  • Bill,. A small shelf to put the feeders where they are elevated above the shavings works well.
  • Thanks Kjundog how about fastening to a junk of 4x4 and sitting in the pen.would that be tall enough.
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  • TRy it and you need to go higher just add to it. Small compartment are tough to prevent this in. They scratch and it flys all over. If your compartments are large enough you can set it on a piece of plywood. That gives more surface area for the shavings can pile up on before reaching the feed trough. Then just brush it of daily.
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  • nice pens marvin
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