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  • Raven what's the purpose of the tin around the bottom ?
    This can serve a few purposes, when placing birds outside for the first time they will often sleep outside for a night or two, the tin can prevent a predator from snatching them out easily at that stage, when older they are not as easily snagged out by predators either as they cannot stick their heads through the wire at the bottom, third they cannot easily see the bird in the next pen and keeps them moving up and down more for better exercise and eliminates pen fighting.
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    Wood is high because of all the disasters we have had over the last few years. Wire was always high and now is very high because of China.
  • the tin keeps the varmits from getting to the birds , also gives them shade , i ve had lots of pens , with 1 x 2 and a hawk will spook them reach in and bite part of their head off , too if something spooks them at night , and gets them off the roost pole they still cant get them
  • bill i have comcast it takes maybe 15 seconds to down load a pic , i used to have walmart , you could touch it in go shopping , and if you were lucky it might be downloaded
  • The pen ive been working on, I have more of it done now and have birds in it. Just need to take more pics. Really just wanting to see if I could upload pics now.imageimage
  • ./
    240 x 320 - 41K
  • Finally!
    480 x 640 - 167K
  • del good looking pens , i like building pens , but theyre a lot of work ,
  • These pens have taken a lot of time. I used a lot of "used" lumber so I had to pull nails and screws and Then I used "used" tin so I had to cut it. All in all it's not perfect but it will sure work out good in the end. The plywood part on the house is on hinges and can be lifted for better ventilation during hot months. I put hardware cloth on the inside of the hold to keep critters out. The overall size is 20x20. each run is 5x20 and of the 20 ft long 8 ft is in the shed part. 12 ft is out in the open with a shade tarp on top of it.
  • del if you can find used material thats great , i try to reuse everything i can , right now all building materials are expensive
  • I was able to find a 12 x 22 ft deck that was already disassemblem with roof and everything for about $200 so I jumped on it. Built this pen and still have plent left to build something else.
  • Del, that looks nice! I need to get down and check it out!
  • I built this one and kinda like how it turned out
    1840 x 3264 - 1M
  • whats the measurments on those codyrobinson and how mush did all of it cost?
  • Each pen is a 3x4 5 foot tall in the front and four foot tall in the back it was around 150.00
  • nice pen cody
  • What material did you use on the roof?
  • It's like shingles but its in a roll it works really good it has gummy strips on it and sticks together really good
  • What does btt mean
  • It means back to the top. Im assuming they were posting it to get cigarette ads off the front page.
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