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  • Glad to hear your Dad is doing better Mr. Ronny
  • So sorry to hear of your dad's passing Jr.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • I'd like to ask for prayers for my good friends aunt. She is 42 and has terminal brain cancer and has been sent home on hospice. She does not have long before The Lord calls her home. Just pray Gods Will be done and comfort for her family, she has a daughter that will be a freshman in HS and a son that will be a Junior in HS. I can't imagine the pain her and her family is going through but we know that Gods love will prevail!
  • Del sorry to hear that. Many prayers for you and your family
  • Hello. I need every one to pray for me about a family matter. That the right thing will come about. Thing u all.
  • I'll remember all the good folks on this thread tonight that need a prayer.
  • This needs to stay on top so folks don't forget to pray for these wonderful folks needing the power of God to bless them!
    Bill [-O<
  • I will lift you guys up. God is will provide he never fails.
  • edited July 2013
    all you guys who know THE LORD , PRAY for roger blankenship his sign on name is black diamond , just heard from him he had a heart attack 7 days ago while visiting his family in california , hes a friend , a great guy , and a credit to the oe family , pray for him and his family raven
  • We will include them in our prayers JW.
  • Raven will do for sure. Keep us updated.
  • I want to update everyone. I live in VA . MY daughter and 2grand children live in calif. Had heart attract. The first day and stayed in hospital 7days. Can not fly home for another 7 days if Dr. Approves. Thank everyone for your prayers
  • Roger,
    Here is to hoping you get to return home soon, and in good health.
    I will continue to monitor this thread and think of everyone mentioned, it is great to see so many who still believe in things as they should be and so supportive of this larger community.
  • Prayers from us too Roger and may God bless you in this time of trouble.
    Bill and Bernice Trammell
  • Roger the Jenkins Family will be praying for you
  • JR. Just got from Dr. I was as close to death as a person could be. But I am improving, I lost my memory for about a week. But I am doing much better and if all goes as planned, I will see DR. The 10 th And will fly home on the 12 th.

    Thanks to everyone for your prayers

  • As. I said my memory is shakey at best

    But again. Thanks to everyone. For your prayers, God has answered mine.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • My family will be praying for you, have a safe trip home.
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