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  • Jw is there any report on Xander?
  • Say a prayer for a friend of mine Gary. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer today. He is in his late 30's with a wife and preteen daughter. Dr gave him 3 months if left untreated. Couple of years possibly with aggressive treatment. But he knows the ultimate Dr.
    Please pray for this precious family.
  • hooper , be sure he knows JESUS AS SAVIOUR!!!
  • He does for sure. I just pray they have piece and comfort during this trial.
  • theres a saying , if he sees you to it , he will see you through it , just make sure , when you ask him you fully believe , ask , expect, thank him and praise him for it
  • Xander came home onTuesday. We haven't really heard just how well it went. But they did tell use the treatment they where going to be giving him they had never given it to a young person. Xander was given a choice it he wanted to try it or not and he did. He is a tough little guy and a fighter. God has used him already in a mighty way.
  • I know that our God is well able to heal Xander and ill pray and believe that when he goes back to dr. There's no sign of cancer.
  • I haven't been on the site in a while. I think this is awesome.
  • Thanks Shanebantams. God has done awesomethings in his life we are just asking for it again. The Lord is awesome.
  • I visited Dwayne Ballard today and he said to tell everyone thank you for the prayers. He looks great and said he is feeling a lot better and can't wait to get back out and start working with his birds.
    He started physical therapy this week and he said they are working him pretty hard.
    Prayers are a wonderful thing and I thank everyone who takes the time to say a little prayer for all of those in need.
  • GREAT NEWS !!!!
  • I will remember the little boy in my prayers jwnicklas.
  • Y'all might say a little prayer for me. Just found out yesterday that I was exposed to rabies at the vet clinic I work at. I'm going to have to have a series of injections that is suppose to take care of it though. But I know it's all Gods hands.
  • I'm sorry for you Del and we will pray. Good luck and God bless you!
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    How is Xander
  • Its great that you are taking the shots Del. Rabies is something you don't want to ignor.
  • I was exposed to a rabid bat several years ago and have had them shots and I glad they are not in the stomach, but they still don't feel all that great. I am sure you will be fine, but I will be praying for you none the less.
  • You'll keep my dad and my family in your prayers dad has been back in the hospital since Sunday his health is just not looking good I have really struggled all week with this but I know it is all up to GOD
  • Saying a prayer for you Del and You and Yours Jenkins. Our God is an Awsome God!!!
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