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Prayer Request

edited June 2013 in Somethin' to Crow About
I got to thinking about how a large number of our member are Christian brothers and sisters and how we can call on one another for prayer request so I thought it would be nice to have them all in one place. Weather it be for yourselves, family members, friends, our soldiers, our country and natural and man made disasters and catastrophes. Post away and ill bet you'll have several lifting up your prayers.


  • Excellent idea Del. They say that there is strength in numbers. That definitely applies to voices in prayer.
  • del this is a great subject , PRAYER WORKS WHEN I TALK WITH THE LORD , i really expect him to answer prayers ASK HIM , EXPECT , THANK HIM AND PRAISE HIM, if you ask , not believeing , your wasting your time , IM LIKE JOB , EVEN THOUGH HE SLAY ME , YET WILL I TRUST HIM !! , AWESOME SUBJECT RAVEN
  • Prayer is the answer!
  • Talk to The Lord severel times a day.
  • i talk to him most of the day
  • Please continue to pray for my dad he is still having a lot of trouble breathing they have him on dialysis again today he normally takes it Monday Wednesday and Friday but they are trying to get the extra fluid off of his lungs he is still in ICU
  • Prayers for your father Junior.
  • i don't know your father but as a christian i will surely pray for your father and anyone else that ask. praise god!
  • Thanks everyone
  • This is AWESOME !!! !!!!!! This thread will be even a bigger hit than this site . What soever you do in word or deed do ALL in the name of JESUS .

  • amen brother , accepting JESUS as SAVIOUR is the most important decision you ll ever make its a SOUL AND LIFE SAVING EXPERIENCE
  • I'll remember your father in my prayers jenkins.
  • This is a great idea I got goose bumples on to of goose bumples from reading this !
  • Prayers go out to Bill and also prayers for ur dad. Junior! The lord will guide us all!
  • A Prayer Chain. I love it. I spend a lot of time praying when I am in the chicken yard. It is one of the reasons I enjoy having chickens so much.
  • Praying and standing in agreement for your father Junior and Bill.
  • I agree Randy. God, yourself, and chickens....... In that order! Still praying for Bill and Juniors dad
  • Get well soon bill. And will pray for youre father junior
  • Our God is great and he loves for his children to talk to him.. he heard my first prayer July 2005 when he saved my soul.. I will and have been praying for those request and when you can please remember me and my family.. God Bless
  • God has blessed me with more than I deserve that's for sure.
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