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  • i to like the left bird. he is nice. mp
  • One were working with this year. We got rid of them, but got them back. Randy will do good with these
    5312 x 2988 - 3M
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
  • Here's that pullet Ken couldn't remember your email couldn't get Herr to pose
    1836 x 3264 - 2M
  • cbogle is that the pullet you had 3rd best with down south, she looks good. she is related to this family.
    3648 x 2736 - 3M
  • elismith33elismith33 Kansas City, MO
    One of our original males.
    2048 x 1365 - 151K
    2048 x 1365 - 151K
  • I really like that male bird!
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
  • I like that male eli. real nice type and color . this is the father to the pullet above, I think he's 4 yrs old.
    3648 x 2736 - 3M
  • Eli and KC, Both those males have some really nice color.
  • Thanks wayne , that old male feels like a rock. had a nice tail as a cockerel but shortened with age.the pullet above feels like he does.
  • ken i like your wheatens just as good as i do your bb reds. i bet u get some even better this yr.
  • Thanks mike, maybe they will be some good ones. have a few pens set up that I like pretty good.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Those look like some solid build birds for sure
  • Though I would try and post one of the Cockrells I have been showing
    this season but can't seem to get the photos to load correctly.
  • a few young wheatens and a sport
    SDC12554 (2).JPG
    3648 x 2736 - 2M
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Thanks Tracy I probably got 30 or 40 females
  • one of my oldest pullets.
    768 x 576 - 285K
  • 1st year hen
    3648 x 2736 - 3M
    1792 x 1344 - 703K
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