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Spangled Old English

Breeding this male , any comments good or bad, and any photos to share, where is Jesse Mcallister's spangled photos, miss them from the old site!
1936 x 2592 - 1M


  • To me that's a fine looking specimen, beautiful bird.....Tom
  • Looks good to me from what I can tell.
  • Thanks guys,like any other variety they are a work in progress!
  • For a spangle that dude has got a fine tail.
  • looking for somthing to put more tail into my spangles got good color and type just need more tale in the hens and cocks what do i need to do any suggestions......
  • If you could find a dark colored B.B.Red with big tail, or buy a nice spangle mail with one. I seen on where someone was selling Mahogeny Old English eggs, this is the base color of spangle and if you breed spangle pure long enough you will get some, especially if you breed away from the white tipping! Just my two cents, I'm sure others could throw you an Idea or two also....
  • a bb red mal;e or female does it matter
  • Either one then put the offspring back to the spangled, 1/4 at the time so you can control the change!
  • I forgot to mention that if you have an over spangled bird male or female, it works better when breeding to the B.B. Red, it almost causes the offspring to be balanced out in their color, your choice as long as you get the desired results!
  • thanks for info
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