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Best Type

Post a picture of the best type male and female. What in your opinion is the best "Type" bird you ever saw. I would post one but can't from my phone.


  • I have a few photos I will try to attach.
  • I can't get the site to let me attach a photo?
  • I been having trouble with that too.
  • image
    720 x 479 - 68K
    586 x 563 - 65K
  • Sorry about the
    Deer I was going to be funny but didn't choose that pic but it put it on here so I was going to say he has good type
  • That is a Cagle black male
  • image
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • Look great guys.
  • I prefer Jenkins white to the black posted above. Leg length, general carriage, and tail structure just seem in better proportion and balance to me.
  • Well balance bird
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    the best balance that you could ever have.with that white.
  • Jenkins White is a Awesome bird
  • the white has great lessers, look how they don't drup. they ride up the tail with good width, the transition from back to tail really smooth, front end big but not over done. the back is short but not to short. remember this pic when you start to cull, i'll bet you won't have many left
  • I don't have any left one, so will you have some whites like that to sell?
  • I don't like his wing it is slipped!
  • I like both birds, I guess that is why we have a judge at the shows. When we show we are asking that particular judge which bird is best in "his" opinion...just my 2 cents worth..
  • Just remember their no perfect bird they all got something wrong with them if you look long enought !
  • in full agreement with that hippe
  • See that goes to show you I can't spell lol
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