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Missing people



  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    Ok thanks
  • Where is Raven?
  • I sure hope he is not getting worse with the condition he has!
  • What is his condition Bill?
  • He was going through a bout with cancer but don't know the specifics.
  • Haven't seen carl j. On here lately. Hope he doing well.
  • I last spoke with Carl about 10 days ago. He is having complications with his shoulder surgery. He tried coming back too soon and reinjured it. Let's keep him in our prayers.
  • I'll pray for both.
  • Daddyrabbit must be working alot, haven't seen him on here.
  • I haven't heard from him in awhile either fun. Last I heard he was helping with a vacation bible school.
  • I been lurking some. VBS and big project at work and Boy Scouts use a lot of time.
  • Sounds like your spending your time on some good things.
  • Yep its all good stuff. Not to mention regular Church duties, Rotary Club, local Stock show, band concerts, hunting and trying to squeeze a rabbit\chicken show in the mix. I got 2 years with oldest son and 4 years with youngest son before the college thing and the nest empties, I expect. Figured I will do all that I can with them before then. you only get one shot. Also making the wife happy, hardest of all. lol
  • Sounds like the good life to me!
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