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Breeders in Georgia name and varieties

Russell Morrison 1.Brown Red OEGB 2. Brassy Back OEGB 3. Blue Brassy Backs OEGB 4. BB Red OEGB 5.Rhode island red bantams 6. Black Wyandotte bantams 7. White leghorn bantams I am located in Waverly Hall, Ga. about 55 minutes south of the Newnan Ga. show and about 15 miles north of the military base Fort Benning Ga.


  • Tyler Morrison 1.Splash OEGB 2. BB Red OEGB 3. Brassy Back OEGB and soon I hope to have Black Tailed Buff OEGB
  • Junior Jenkins ( JENKINS BANTAMS) White OE &Black Wyandotte
  • Jeremy Edge (neat bantams) Raising quail, blue quail, and blue red old English.
    Baldwin Ga
  • edited September 2014
  • Ricky Sheffield blackshear ga brassys blue brassys, black tail buffs and barreds.
  • Marvin you need some more colors !!!!!!
  • edited September 2014
  • Steven Ausburn (dry creek old English)

    Lemon Blue
    Brown Red
    Blue Wheaton

    And starting with blacks
  • Terry Easter Crystal Springs Bantams, Spangles, Ginger Reds, BB reds and Red Quill
    Armuchee ,Ga. North of Rome.
  • edited August 2013
  • Simpson and Howell (Jeff Simpson and Greg Howell) Hartwell, Ga. We raise Brown red female line, lemon blue female line, Self blue, and Wheaton old english. Also a few
    Birchen moderns.
  • Samuel Parks I'm 15 and starting to learn. Black and brassy back oe, columbian wyandottes
  • Billy Gunter, I raise fawn milli fleurs, silver quill, buff quill, black tailed reds, fawn tailed reds.
    I am more into experiments/making things that have not been done.
  • Easton Owens blue,Creles,silver Duckwing,brassy back, and columbian wyandottes
  • P&S farms, justin Phillips & Harvey scogin. Carlton ga. Wheaten, black and maybe a few different projects.
  • Brassys & Blue Brassys
  • edited March 2015
    Russell Morrison, Columbus Ga. I raise OEGB in brown reds, blacks, BB reds, and wheatons, I also raise black wyanndottes and Rhode Island red bantams had to update my varieties
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