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Small Incubators

edited May 2013 in Product Reviews
I have a friend that wants a small incubator to hatch his eggs. What would you recommend that is reliable?


  • if you are talking about the strafoam type, my opinion is the hova-bator, any of them must have a fan installed to circulate the air, i have a couple of them and have had good sucess with them.
  • The best small Bator Is a good hen lol :D But Woodrows right for the money the hova-bator with circulate the air,, is about as good as your gonna get .
  • The gennisis hova bator works great. The temp is pre set and maintains itself very well. The other hova bators that have the wafer type, you have to make slight adjustments throughout the incubation period.
  • I made my own table top inc out of scraps I had laying around and parts from a foam inc and a walmart $4 fan so the kids could watch. Have 100% dry hatches.
  • I am considering purchasing a genesis to use as a separate hatcher. Right now everything is being done in my GQF cabinet.
  • Thanks for the information folks! I'll tell my friend about the Hova Bator.
  • I set a genesis for incubating and another genesis to hatch out of. Seems to work well for me because I don't have that many birds to hatch from. My flock is extremely small compared to most everyone else on this site.
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