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  • You not agree Marvin ?
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    Close Minded and Variety Blinded is what I was told those folks were suffering from by a Judge .... We all are Guilty of getting mesmerize with in are own varieties he added .. Black I agree the best Bird should win no matter what ! No matter how many were in that class are who's name is own that tag ... No matter what Judge is judging ... Don't you ?
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    See can't help it :D mesmerize
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  • Don't get me wrong I got some blacks I'm just falling in love with !!! Whats bad I got them for cross breeding and I've found myself Breeding them TRUE ... THATS NOT GOOD ... LOL
  • Best bird should always win .
  • No such thing as a best bird. If there was the same bird would win every show all things being equal.
  • In between line Boggy Best at the show are should We say the one that looks the best on Championship Roll . I know I have seen the what should have been the winner lay down up there about the time the judging was started ..
  • I put a self blue in my top five several times the last couple of years!!!!!!
  • You should be ashame Tim .. lol
  • No I've been there when you did Tim. I took the Cock bird of Jeff's and Greggs to Dalton for the Nationals . Its a good bird
  • No I'm not because it was a nice bird I did hear someone say if that bird was black it wouldn't have placed.
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    No I'm not because it was a nice bird I did hear someone say if that bird was black it wouldn't have placed.
    Sounds racist to me !!
  • Just kiddin
  • Marvin are you related to Tracy
  • :-t I'm no (*)
  • If people want to beat Blacks , BB's , whites with other lesser colors then make them better . I don't care what color a bird is the best Bird should win and most of the Time that's the main colors. Not trying to be a {bleep} but that's the truth. Go look at Reid , Proctor, Barnes male line Blacks and BB's and you will see why they win
    Very well stated Jason.. two thumbs up.
  • The more great birds in every color we can get the better off OE will be .
  • I'm with Black on this, our gingers are compared to the blacks, bb, brown reds, creles and any other color we have in the barn. if they are slack, they hit the sack.
  • I won res champion of show with a black Wyandotte female that had over 1300 birds they where only 2 black wyandottes showed and about 10 wyandottes total
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