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  • Show Champion was a Brown Red Hen by Jeff Burkhart
  • My statement was for 2012. 3 shows so far in 2013. 2 Best of Breeds for Andy with BBs and 1 for Jeff with a Brown Red.
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    Hammer should be proud his Black K its the only Black to place higher than 3rd Dating back to this past Oct - HERE - ... there's only been 4 blacks in the top 5 also dating back till then also. But now thats only 14 shows thats have posted the winners .... I was told the Blacks had an off year

    Im sorry here's one that I over looked

    Alabama Bantam Club
    BB Black Pullet Billy Grooms
  • there were over 200 blacks entered at dalton. billy grooms won there. that was the first time I got to meet andy and look at his birds. he has some great looking birds. I just cant see paying that much and have to sign a contract? they were good looking birds though. unless I start travling that far I probably wont show against andy that much. lol I have my hands full with the comp. around here as it is. several great breeders around here.
    Just curious. What kind of contract do you have to sign?
  • It states you can't show that bird when he is judging at a show or show that bird where he is showing at.
  • What if that bird get sold ? Are can you get shed of it ?
  • I think there is a lot of holes in his piece of paper i personally think it is more of a honor system than a legal one just my two cents
  • I'm sure your right Jerry
  • hooper josh beat me to it. I wouldnt have to worry about it. the shows I go to he dont judge and most of them I show at he's not there
  • fields and proctor, black at the jamboree
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    I'm sorry Tater a post showed it was a Silver Duckwing
  • the black cockerel was 2 or 3
  • in Georgia, Alabama, south Carolina its 1. blacks 2. bb reds 3. whites 4. blue wheaton 5.brown reds 6. wheatons, brassy backs. Self blues splashes and blues do pretty good to this is my observation and opinion some may disagree.
  • would like to see equal playing ground for all varieties but its always the same top varieties but a lot of people will not get into a less popular variety to get them more popular so they can contend with more popular varieties and this is because of lack of competition and if folks don't do something different than it will remain the same I am guilty of this I got out of allot of varieties because of lack of competition. I would encourage a newby to start with something different and every one pick to pickup a variety like btb, btr, silver wheaton, fawn reds, millie fluers etc.
  • It don't take numbers to get to the top example there were 4 blue reds at Dickson tenn.this past weekend,one of the females got RB went on to res.show champion.
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    If people want to beat Blacks , BB's , whites with other lesser colors then make them better . I have lesser known colors also and I compare them to my blacks , BB's and blues and until they are on par with them I don't expect them to win . It's all on me to make them better and not wait for a new wave of what's hot. I don't care what color a bird is the best Bird should win and most of the Time that's the main colors. Not trying to be a ass but that's the truth. Go look at Reid , Proctor, Barnes male line Blacks and BB's and you will see why they win
  • You are right about the numbers Tim but I think there is an advantage to winning a big class. It's gotta stick in the back of Judges mind I would think.
  • Why would there be an advantage to winning a big class. When it comes down to the best bird ...
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    People do expect it though ... And get mad if not !!!!! Seen and heard it with my own eyes and ears ... like There's no way that Self Blue beat my BB no way ! or he must have Payed the Judge for that Lemon blue hen did not just beat 115 blacks no way ..
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