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breeders in or around Utah ?

i am a beginner in these handsome little birds. got a pair of bb reds and and a pair of silver duckwings. was wondering if anyone on here was from Utah and could point me in the right direction to raise and hopefully start showing them. thanks in advance. Kyle


  • Talk to Dusty.
  • RJSorensenRJSorensen Northern Utah
    I suppose that I have the same question beefy had (above). Whom is Dusty and how would one go about speaking with him. Or anyone for that matter in the Utah area.

    Thank you,

  • Utah Fancy Poultry Association , Mike Spencer -president.
  • Hello, I am Dusty. I live in Tremonton Utah, where are you two located?
  • RJSorensenRJSorensen Northern Utah
    Hello Dusty… I live through the mountain in Mendon. I am looking for some birds for my viewing pleasure. Can you point me toward someone in the area that would have some nice birds, they would sell?

    Thank you for answering my post, I thought I was alone

  • Are you looking for birds to get into showing or just to have in your yard?
  • RJSorensenRJSorensen Northern Utah
    I am not sure Dusty, perhaps both. I would like to get away from hatchery birds and get some with better conformation, proper stance and a general adherence to the breed standard. I am working on Silver Duckwings, I need to start over with my BBReds, I like a lot of the colors, but do not know what I can find within a reasonable distance.

    What breeds/colors do you have, or can direct me to? I've a nice winter coop that I am working on adding birds to entertain me, during the drab winter season we have here. I am looking for someone whom could start me in the right direction. I am aware of the show coming up at Farmington in October. I have sourced birds in the Payson/Spanish Fork area and some in Harriman. You are much closer, but I could/would travel as needed.

    What are your thoughts…

  • I will send you a pm
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