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Blue Specks in Blacks?

What does that mean? Or how do you breed out of it? and How is it Caused?


  • brian , id say you have blue blood in the blacks you have , look at some others that you have with a flash light on their breast to see if theres any lacing , many blues carry a lot of black blood in them , the only way to get it out is breed it out , ive had blacks a long time i do get the red in the hackle , but never had blue in them raven
  • I have never seen that either, but then I have only been breeding blacks for 6 years.
    I have seen gray spots on a feather from stress - the next molt the spot is gone.
  • Idk, i asked him if they were bred with blues and he said no, It's kinda like a sheen, only on a little bit of feathers,
  • This is the rooster im talking about, why it looks blue is because of the flash,
    640 x 480 - 29K
  • Why his feathers are like that is because he's been in a kennel.
  • Are u sure its not purple sheen?? To much corn can cause that
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I have heard alot about this corn turning blacks with green sheen purple. My question is how long do you have to feed them corn before they turn purple?
  • If you have a Black cock with blue specks in it or any other bad traits it is so much easier to get another one than it is to fool with it. As for the corn causing purple discoloration, first off, I am not sure that happens, secondly it is very hard to find a replacement for corn without mixing it yourself as most laying rations and poultry feeds are made up of primarily corn and soybeans as the primary ingredients. The reason for this is the cost of other sources of protein and energy are prohibitive if you are doing it on a large scale. The price of feed is already very expensive and if you go to using other sources of protein such as fish meal or pork meat and bone meal etc. it would be very expensive. I use a 20% egg pellet that has some of the other products in it but it also has a calcuim level of 3.75 % for the eggs and I also put out oyster shell free choice. It has a good bit of corn and soybean meal in it for the energy but the main thing I like is it is formulated for egg production and it also does a good job on the overall health of my birds. I do not have any problem with purple sheens unless it is something that has poor breeding in it (my fault) and I usually cull it unless it is something special I want to do with it.
    The best thing to do with serious defaults is to cull them. There is an abundance of good black cockerels out there and so to me the best answer for you is to get another one.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Thanks Bill.
  • Brian.. I dont think Ron Would have sold u anything bad. if u have any questions on That bird u might call and Talk to Ron about it..
  • I agree!
  • Just buy corn from the store?
  • Well there were from Ron, but then sold to Gene and now they're mine, but gene doesn't even Breed to blue's or nothing like that.
  • edited April 2012
    brian the blue youre seeing may actually be black , if the birds werent properly cared for or had too much corn such as scratch , i have seen barring thats blue instead of purple , you may want to wash the little bird to see if that helps , if he came from a good source i wouldnt be afraid to breed from him , of course you realize that breeding black to black may not produce anything ., in the gamecock world , they call it a knick many birds wont knick or compliment each other , ive had that happen breed two good looking birds togather , and get nothing thats show quality , what makes it interesting is when you breed birds that compliment each other , what ypu want to breed for is consistency , feeding scratch or corn during the moult will definitely cause barring a lot of the pellets carry a lot of corn some more than others raven
  • Here's the Bird
    Photo on 2012-04-05 at 19.40 #3.jpg
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    Photo on 2012-04-05 at 19.41 #3.jpg
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  • Raven, That's what im talking about, but how do you reduce it? Feed them corn or what?
  • Raven, That's what im talking about, but how do you reduce it? Feed them corn or what?
  • I don't raise blacks anymore but would like to contribute to this what I was told. Feeding larger amounts of corn at the wrong time ( when feathers are developing and blood in the quill) will give the purple barring. Stress at that time also will do it. Purple sheen overall (not barring) instead of beetle green is I was told was the presence of too much sheen and if you have an otherwise nice bird you want to breed from and has that purple sheen, it should be mated to a dull black bird to dilute the sheen and produce green sheen offsprings. Never had the purple sheen problem so only going on what I was told. I agree with Raven. If the bird is sound in type and you like him use him. Raven is an expert on the blacks in my book.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    JW have you turned birds purple with corn before?
  • Thank you Wayne, But do i just change the feed? or what?
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