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Show Box

Two hole cock box. Tell me what you think.
960 x 720 - 185K
720 x 960 - 165K


  • I like it. good job.
  • Thank you.
  • Nice show boxes !
  • 19 inch tall box for Japs, built for Sammy Collins.
    1280 x 960 - 330K
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • That OE cock box is 25:00 with the birds on the side 20:00 without the birds. That box is two inches longer than the standard OE box. I can ship that box to you for im thinking about 15:00 dollars. Because I have shipped a hole bunch of 30 inch 5 hole OE boxes to Texas and the shipping on them are just 25 dollars. That Jap box is high it 50 dollars but I take a lot of materal.
  • I will have show boxes at the jamboree , they will be limited so if you need any let me know and I will save them for you, standard five hole 35.00 cock box five hole 45.00 two hole standard box is 20.00 cock box two hole is 25.00 and we do ship . Thanks and good luck on the show season.
  • Nice boxes I like them
  • I own several that xxxxrev built and they are the real deal. Great quality and not heavy at all. If you are thinking of buying one this is the box you want.
  • adminadmin Durant, OK
    Rev, that's a really nice box.

    Do you have pictures of the front and back?
  • No but I am building today so I will send you some later this morning
  • Rev i want one of the regular 5 hole. And one cock box 5 hole. And if u can i want the birds on the side. Let me know if u get this i will be at the jam.
  • Yes I got the message, I will have them for you. You want male on one side and female on the other or two males. Just let me know.
  • What about ordering some and being shipped? I would be interested in purchasing some too.
  • Yes I do ship, a standard five hole OE box is 60.00 shipping included and a two hole is40.00 shipping included in the lower 48 states
  • Yes rev that sounds good ab male on one end and female on the other side. So ill owe you 90$? And my names Dalton i will find you at the jam. Thanks
  • That's correct , I will have them for you, did you want black or white birds on the boxes
  • Black birds please.
  • You got it
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