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Selecting BB Red breeders



  • My BB's also.Will have pullets for November and December for showing but males probably won't finish till after first of year. I'm good with that though as this year I want to feature the females. The male line I am still revamping and getting them the way I like and still be productive. Don't matter how good they are if they don't lay and produce they are worthless.
  • Thought this should be brought back up since we have several new members.
  • Thanks Kdog will read this tonight.
  • Not sure it will answer your question about improving color of wingbow in males. For that look for females that are very coarsely stippled and a brickish red showing through on the wing feathers in that area.
  • This is good stuff Kdog I think it will help. Thanks
  • I'm glad Kdog brought this topic back up because there is a lot of good useful information on this thread.
  • Thought I would bring this back up for the new guys
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
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  • For the newcomers. BTT
  • I've read this thread about a dozen times, great thread. I wish other knowledgeable breeders would start threads such as this one on other varieties. Such as Wheatens.. what to look for in producing those smooth, even females, or nice colored males. I would think the Silver Duckwing pattern would be really similar to the BB Red in breeding for male or female lines.

    I guess I'm saying I wish there were more Kdogs to share valuable information on the many other varieties that are shown. Thanks Wayne!
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    Word of advice also not every Bb line breeds the same .
  • Thanks for bringing this thread back up! Its been a long time since I bred any female line BB Reds and I needed to refresh my memory. Great job kdog!
  • Where I live I have no one close to look at their birds and ask questions, so I have to use trial and error method, mostly error lol. This is a big help , gives me some kind of direction to go in. Thanks K dog, if for some reason you come in this direction before December , would love for you to come by .
  • This is the most informative thread that I've read on this site or any other. My thanks go to kdog for taking the time to post this. This thread will help any new or old breeder of BB Reds.
  • You do realize this is only the way I see it with mine. Covers the basics though.
  • Great thread..thanks kdog....
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    Got a call from the son today from jail. Seems he is hell bent on getting out and getting the BB Reds back to what we had years ago. If he stays focused and is serious he just might be the one to do it. Might take a couple years though. I sent hin some photos of the Brownreds Carl sent and he really likes those also.
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