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Female line spangled males

edited March 2013 in Made from Scratch
Hello im new to the site,but have been around our little friends for some time,I have spent a chunk of change buying female line bb reds and in a few years I always have fairly good looking males and the females are not what they were.so off to spangles, what should the type look like I always choose what I like and thats not working for me,what im asking can someone post a picture or two of a male spangled and possibly a bb of the female line type.


  • terry easter has some great spangles. maybe he can post a pic for ya. tracy has great looking b.b reds. real good looking females
  • adam call me and i will send you some pictures, i have a few kockerals and pullets left from my 2012 hatches. That i can let go. Thanks Terry Easter Crystal Springs Bantams.
  • there ya go adam. terry is a great guy. he will do you right. terry has helped me a lot.
  • Hello terry easter if you could pass your number on to me ill get a call out to you ok thanks
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