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Fawn Reds

edited March 2013 in Made from Scratch
Ok I have buddy that has bb reds and some fawns. If he takes and crosses a sport fawn over a bb red male is this the way to start the original cross or what is the best way to do that thanks


  • By the term fawns are you meaning fawn silver duckwing? If so then a BB red male crossed over a fawn silver duckwing sport will yield fawn red pullets and fawn golden males. Breed the fawn red females back to BB Red to get fawn reds in both sexes.
  • Yes fawn silver duckwings. Thanks dusty I will let him know
  • Hey Dusty or anyone else that has fawn reds can you post some pics under this thread. I think they are a cool color. Thanks
  • I will post some tomorrow.
  • A couple Cockerels
    #43 Green.JPG
    986 x 768 - 272K
    #85 Pink (3).jpg
    1024 x 731 - 339K
  • Couple Pullets
    #62 Blue.jpg
    1024 x 767 - 221K
    #87 White (2).jpg
    1024 x 667 - 172K
  • They are very nice!
  • Man Dusty I do like the color. Nice birds also.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Fawn reds are beautiful
  • Dusty how long have you been working on them?
  • Thanks everyone!

    Bill, I started them in 2009
  • Looks like you are progressing very well!
  • Here is a picture of a Fawn Red chick.
    Mating #8 2009 (2).jpg
    943 x 768 - 129K
  • They are nice Dusty. I really like those females.
  • Dusty some how or another this is off the subject but I have some chicks i think are going to be chocolate brassy backs we will see when they get older.
  • I seen that someone had shown them a while back... they were recorded in the yearbook.
  • Here are some Fawn Red Sports. The female is mine but its a poor picture. The male was on the old club site, not sure whos he was.
    #89 White.jpg
    979 x 768 - 101K
    Fawn Red Sport Cockerel.jpg
    288 x 249 - 22K
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    nice birds with good type they look alot like blue red sports.
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