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Blue Wheaten old english



  • Just checked out an earlier pic on this thread of some 'sports'. I think I may actually have one? I wasn't sure what it was as it came from a blue wheaten to a blue wheaten mating. However when I bought them the seller told me I could expect wheaten, blue wheatens, and sports from them due to their breeding. I have some pics of my birds I just haven't had time yet to load them onto my computer to uploading to here. I am a bit technically challenged with this whole pic loading thing! I'd get myself an MP3 player but then I'd have to have an 8yr old show me how to download songs! LOL...
    Bonnie from New York
  • I've got two setting in one nest right now hope I can add to my small flock soon
  • I know he needs a hair cut, but what yall think?
    2448 x 3264 - 2M
  • Thanks Josh,if some of yall dont mind tell me any faults that you may see still learning.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Thanks Tracy
  • nice bird,bet he has a good blue breast with good darker lacing
  • Thanks Steve coming from all of yall means allot if I can keep him in shape maybe I can get my but beat in style lol.
  • that is a very nice blue wheaten male. i would like to see more males shown. in my area its mostly females. and when a male is shown u can tell it from a female line. there breast are not clean. get that comb off he will look even better in a few weeks.
  • Thank you, I am going to try and start a male line as I really like them, he isnt even my favorite, got a couple pullets coming along that I think may turn some heads only time will tell. I gotta get them dubbed cant stand it much longer
  • one key like wheaten male line birds is keeping a clean breast. now the standard does say a cock can have a very small amount of orange just under the throat area. and most first yr cocks lose there tails. good luck with your male line project. mp
  • i do not breed out of bw cockerals that are not clear breasted have had some really good males just dont show them.the worst problem is blothchy tail feathers as cockerals.i think it is stress cause they dont have it as cocks.ol boy there looks like a good start if hi breast is as good as i suspect it is
  • Thanks really means allot coming from you Mr. Steve. I have noticed that the stress has allot of effect on the males. Mr. Steve I hope to run up with you at a show this year as we have talked a few times and would really like to pick your brain in person while having birds in front of us.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Im with u Tracy I think they r holding out
  • hold your breath till i post a picture,MR LEGEND
  • reason is i do not know how,got my wifes camera to take some pics and fell with it and busted it up a lil another camera and now they dont have feathers
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
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