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Birchen or Silver Blue



  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    She looks like a nice female breeder.. .Mine is a male line...but would like to try getting a female line going...I only raised 8 or 10 last year..but hope to get my breeding pens set up a raise a few this year...Most all my hens have darker color heads and neck feathering and not much or any lacing on the breast...Seems i get a little to much lacing on my males breast and also some shafting..Where did you get your start with them from?...Seems not a lot of people have the Birchens..but i like them and hope to continue to work with and improve them...Greg
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Todd...I went back and looked at older post and noticed you got your Start from Carl and Wayne....I have talked with Carl before...Looks like you have a good start with them...I might try and get a couple pictures up of mine from this last year...
  • birchen1birchen1 Shelby NC
    Thanks Greg. Yes Wayne and Carl really set me up three years ago. I try to raise many and cull hard. Seems to be the only way to improve them. The Birchen color pattern has always been my favorite. Seeing the mulberry face and comb against the silver laced hackle really is a beautiful bird. Mine is a male line as well, but seems I could only find a pic of the pullet. I'll also try and take a few more once we thaw out here in NC. I really have a lot of new found respect for the breeders up north and midwest that have to fight the cold temps more often.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    So far here in Oregon we have had the typical rainy weather...It got down into the mid 20's a couple times but so far not to cold...The most i raised was about 50 and because of moving a year and half ago and not having pens made i thinned my flock down to only 3 older males and 3 females..and from them i only raised about 10 this last year..I will try and get a few raised out this year and see what happens....will give you my contact # and maybe we can talk sometime..Good to meet others that take a interest in the Birchen's...
  • birchen1birchen1 Shelby NC
    2017 cockerelimage
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  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Very nice looking male!
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    pullet I think I will show next month also have a couple cockerals i might enter...will be first time entering my birchens in a show...i have been working with them over 11 years...
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  • you guys are doing great this variety. I kinda miss mine but don't miss the chores. LOL
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    I just finally am getting my new pens all made....didn't raise much last better get some
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    A 8 month old male i think i will show..gotta get him dubbed...
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  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Thank you Tracy
  • Looking good
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