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Birchen or Silver Blue



  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Good to see some Birchens posted....
  • Silver blue cockerel
    1789 x 1073 - 1M
  • Some birchens
    2560 x 1536 - 1M
  • Silver blue cockerels
    1073 x 1789 - 2M
    422 x 749 - 342K
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Nice looking..really like the feather on that silver blue
  • For some reason I can't flip the picture, what do you guys think of him?
    2560 x 1536 - 2M
  • Over all nice birchen, tail little high in photo.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Good to see others Birchen's....Thats a nice looking male good looking color and nice wide tail sickles...
  • birchen1birchen1 Shelby NC
    2016 pullet
    4008 x 5344 - 6M
  • Nice pullet
  • Super nice birchen pullet.Like silver cap and breast lacing, great type.
  • birchen1birchen1 Shelby NC
    Thanks Ct1911 and fun. I hatched a few from her this year and I'm hopeful to get a good one from her.
  • Opinions please!
    1932 x 2576 - 3M
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Looks good from what i can see...How old is he?...What blood line?
  • I want to say almost a year or he is a year old, I couldn't tell ya on what bloodline he his. I got a pair from Carl Jarvis 2 years ago if that tells ya anything.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Carl has some nice Birchen's...I have talked with him before...Not many people on site have Birchen' always nice to see some posted...I have a few been working with for sometime now...only raised 8 young ones this year...moved and didn't have set up for them a couple that look promising though
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Haven't saw any post about Birchen's ...How you guys that raise them doing with yours?...I might try to post a picture or two soon...still working with my culls that i have had for over 11 years now .lol .haven't been to any shows..but one coming up end of Feb...might try showing a couple if i think they are ready..
  • birchen1birchen1 Shelby NC
    Hi Lotsless- My birchen are doing pretty good. I think I am the only one in NC that shows them. At least at the few shows I've been to, I had the only ones. This is a pic of a pullet from last year. I hope to raise a few out of this year. Todd
    2016-BIRCHEN PULLET.jpg
    4008 x 5344 - 7M
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