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Birchen or Silver Blue



  • Those look great Carl.I am done hatching for this year.Thanks for the offer.
  • I have at present 9 dozen under broody hens from two truly special matings. The first chick hatched today. I'm hoping for two good breeder trios for spring out of everything that hatches.
    So long as the hens keep going broody these two pens will keep hatching.
  • The male line I've been working toward is getting so much closer to being what I want them to be. The next generation or two should get very close to my goal.
  • 4 2015 cockerels
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  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Thanks Tracy
  • Yeah they look nice kjundog....
  • Looks good Wayne, I like the first one the best, but all look real nice. Before to long maybe I will have some to post pics of. Had problems with bushwhack posums get'n set'n hens. Set up some styrofoam incubators for now. There not the greatest but they will work for now. Building some better ones to try this fall.
  • Stick with it Gunner, it will all come together in the end. I hatched over 200 this year and by the time I culled all the light eyes, white toenails, white pads under feet, over laced breasts, over striped dark saddles and poor type I got about a half dozen males I consider will be suitable for showing if I can get them thru the heat in good feather. With females I got 4 I consider to be potential showbirds and about 20 that I would consider male breeders that will be past show age come December because they will be well into production and condition goes down quick. Also got a couple dark saddled cockerels with lots of body that I will use in the breed pen this upcoming year over some typey overlaced pullets and hoping to get some color in the saddle of those offsprings. I do love the breeding part of this hobby more than the showing part.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Looking good Kdog...I raised close to 50 this year....and thats alot for me...I don't have the facility to raise any more...Those males really look nice...congrats
  • Man final selection of next year's breeder females is tough. I keep throwing birds out on the yard that are eliminated. A week later I gotta go back and catch them to see what I threw them out for. They look great running loose. Just goes to show they can look good but the final test is bird in hand. Got a couple I done cut loose and locked back up more than once. Guess I'm losing it. Really hitting hard those with light eye color and white nails and that is what you can only see with bird in hand upon close inspection. Males are alot easier to judge on ground for me.
  • Another pullet that could keep. Back could be a little shorter but is okay as a male breeder bird.

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  • Wish I still had my birchens. I like to get me a nice male line. I like to have 4 trio's.
  • Casey, That is what I am mainly focusing on. I want a male line also.Might be able to help you with a few come fall.
  • Here is a young Male line Silver Blue, I really like his body and wing so far, just waiting on the tail to come in good.
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  • Thanks kjundog. Just let me know if you can.
  • Looks good Carl
  • That is a nice Silver blue Carl. Here is one of my favorite Birchen cockerels so far. Nice dark eye and good width of breast and plenty of tail and width of feather. He does have one light toenail on each foot and wingbow is slightly yellow instead of silver due to the small amount of brownred blood in him but I believe I can work with that with all of his good features. In the second picture from the left there is a younger cockerel that may be decent also.

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  • very nice looking males kjundog great tails and feather width
  • Thanks Ken. I know you are just like me when it comes to studying the birds hard before deciding who will stick around. Sometimes it is a tough decision. Can't keep them all.
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